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A Great Product Plus Great Support Help Pizza Pizza Franchise Owners Succeed

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Pizza Pizza’s commitment to equal opportunity and diversity with both customers and franchise owners is a recipe for success.

Everyone Deserves Pizza. That’s Pizza Pizza’s latest campaign and an insight into their corporate philosophy. For over 55 years, the Canadian pizza company has been welcoming customers of all types with opportunities to enjoy pizza their way, with both its Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 brands.

Pizza Pizza also believes that everyone deserves a shot at running their own business and is making this dream more accessible to more people by expanding its franchise opportunities across Canada.


Well-known brand with a well-loved product

Chuck Farrell - VP Franchising & People

Chuck Farrell

VP of Franchising & People, Pizza Pizza Limited

Going into the restaurant business can be tough. It takes a great concept, investment capital, preparation, and plenty of hard work – and there’s always the risk that it won’t work out. “That’s where franchising really helps,” says Chuck Farrell, VP of Franchising and People, Pizza Pizza Limited.

We try to demystify the process, remove a lot of the complications, and give people a more comfortable path to starting a profitable business.

An attractive differentiator of Pizza Pizza Limited’s franchise model is the number of centralized services to help franchise owners succeed. These include comprehensive training, marketing and advertising, and day-to-day support from regional operations managers. Ingredients are provided through Pizza Pizza Limited’s state-of-the-art warehouse – known as the commissary – which ships thousands of pounds of ingredients and products to restaurants each week and eliminates the need to source individual ingredients from multiple suppliers. “We take them through the whole process of running a franchise so they can focus on running their business,” says Farrell.

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Another advantage to owning a Pizza Pizza or Pizza 73 franchise is having the strength of the brand which has a long and successful legacy of best-in-class marketing and promotions, including partnerships with key sports and entertainment properties across Canada. Plus, who doesn’t love pizza? “It’s so universal and so many people enjoy it,” says Farrell. Best of all, you don’t need to have a background in the food or hospitality industry. “What you do need to be successful is a love of pizza, a love of customers, and a willingness to work,” says Farrell.

Celebrating diversity among customers and franchise owners

Just as Pizza Pizza caters to diverse customer preferences and tastes for pizza, it celebrates diversity among its franchise owners who come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. “Many of our franchise owners are new Canadians and some of them are now multi-franchise owners, with more than one restaurant,” says Farrell. 

Tahir Siddique - Franchisee

Tahir Siddique

Franchise Owner, Pizza Pizza

Tahir Siddique – owner of two Pizza Pizza franchises in Brampton – is one of them. Immigrating from Pakistan 22 years ago, Siddique worked as chef supervisor and main line chef at several large hotels following graduation from George Brown College. In 2009, he opened his first Pizza Pizza franchise, which has since become a training restaurant, and a second one in 2018. “It’s been amazing. The support of the company has enabled me to achieve so many of my life goals,” says Siddique. “They’re always there for you, helping and guiding you through the challenges or owning a business,” he says.

As Pizza Pizza looks to add to its more than 730 locations across Canada, between both of its brands, the company is welcoming new potential franchise owners. “It’s a very exciting time,” says Farrell. “Here we have two brands, and over 55 years of experience in Canada and we’re still innovating. I believe the opportunities are limitless,” he says.

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