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Vlad Sherbatov

President & Co-Founder, Smarter Loans


Rafael Rositsan

CEO & Co-Founder, Smarter Loans

On the face of it, the explosion of fintech-based lenders onto the marketplace is an obvious boon to Canadian businesses and individuals. But more options mean harder decisions. Decision paralysis is real, and Canadians have been in urgent need of a roadmap to help them navigate this changing landscape and find the loans best suited to their unique needs.

It was this need that prompted Vlad Sherbatov and Rafael Rositsan to create Smarter Loans, a centralized digital platform that allows Canadians to easily find, compare, and apply for loans online. “The process of finding, applying, and getting a loan has changed dramatically in the past few years,” says Sherbatov. “With Smarter Loans consolidating all of the top financial companies and their products in a single place, Canadians can now easily discover the top loan providers, browse all their options, and apply online with confidence. The process has become faster, more convenient, and safer for individuals and businesses seeking financing for practically any purpose.”

Knowledge breeds confidence

Digital financing options have been growing continuously, but adoption among Canadian consumers has not kept pace. With the benefits of speed, convenience, and choice, it’s clear that the missing piece of the equation was guidance. It’s that guidance that Smarter Loans provides.

“For personal loans, people can discover a lender at Smarter Loans, apply online in minutes, and potentially get money in their bank account the same day,” says Rositsan. “On the business side, the funding can happen in just a few days. The accessibility, ease of approval and common loan amounts in the range of $50,000 make alternative business loans perfect for small businesses.”

As with any good map, this one also provides the opportunity to take the roads less travelled, which can often lead to the most rewarding opportunities. Canadians are savvy shoppers, and we love to do our research and make well-informed decisions at any fork in the road. “Smarter Loans users regularly discover companies and products that they’ve never heard of before,” says Sherbatov. “People typically research three to five different loan providers before making up their mind and proceeding to an application. They take their time comparing products and reading company reviews to help with their decision.”

Loans are essential to Canada’s small business economy and equally essential to the economic health and financial security of Canadian individuals.

Smarter borrowing for a stronger Canada

The truth is, metaphors aside, loans are essential to Canada’s small business economy and equally essential to the economic health and financial security of Canadian individuals. Making borrowing decisions easier for Canadians is a net good that it can be hard to overstate the value of. “People use Smarter Loans to get all kinds of loans,” says Rositsan. “Sometimes, it’s to take care of an unexpected emergency expense, and sometimes it is to make the biggest financial purchase of their life, by getting a mortgage for a home. We are proud that Canadians are seeing Smarter Loans as their trusted go-to resource for loans and financing, to help with these important financial decisions.”

We rely so heavily today on online maps and GPS to navigate the physical world around us. And that physical landscape is not changing nearly as quickly as the digital landscape of loans and financing. It would be foolhardy to step into that wilderness without a GPS programmed for the task.

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