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How C-SAF is The Voice for Sustainable Aviation Fuels in Canada

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Geoff Tauvette

Executive Director, Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels

C-SAF celebrates its one-year anniversary of accelerating sustainable aviation fuel initiatives and bringing together industry stakeholders. 

Who is the Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF)? 

In early 2022, Canadian aviation industry leaders joined forces to create C-SAF, with the mission to accelerate the deployment of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in Canada, to ensure that the sector remains competitive as it transitions to a net-zero future and to create new economic opportunities for Canadians.  

Created by a consortium of 60 airlines operating in Canada and 45 key stakeholders including feedstock and technology suppliers, aerospace manufacturers, airports, and academia, the Council aims to facilitate and accelerate the fully integrated ecosystem from production to the supply of affordable, low carbon, made-in-Canada sustainable aviation fuels.  

What is C-SAF doing for the aviation industry?  

C-SAF will soon publish its SAF Roadmap that will chart a pathway and strategy to produce sustainable and affordable SAF in Canada.  We envision sourcing Canadian feedstock and using made-in-Canada solutions that aim to promote Canadian technology. For these efforts to succeed, government support and commitment will be required. 

C-SAF will work closely with government representatives to support Canadian climate goals, which are in line with the Canadian aviation sector’s net-zero emissions target by 2050. However, specific government action and a defined regulatory framework to support creating a SAF market in Canada is needed as there is currently no framework and few incentives to jump start the necessary supply chains. 

What is needed to support sustainable aviation fuels in Canada? 

Sustainable aviation fuels will account for the bulk of the reduction in GHG emissions needed by the aviation industry to reach net-zero in 2050. However, a significant increase in production is needed globally. As SAF production in Canada is minimal to nonexistent today, it is vital that a SAF market be established as quickly as possible. 

Not only would a Canadian SAF market increase energy security, but it would also drive down costs, increase affordability and support Canadian job creation. More importantly, the government of Canada’s leadership and support is needed to create SAF and the long-term sustainable value chains that will contribute to Canada’s energy transition in aviation industry.  

What does the future of the sustainable aviation fuel industry look like and what are Canada’s next steps?  

Canada can become a world leader in the production of SAF. Now is the time to build a whole supply chain that would add value to the Canadian economy. SAF provides an opportunity to build new net-zero economic prospects and to decarbonize the aviation industry while simultaneously enhancing energy security.  

From start to finish, Canada has everything to be successful in implementing an affordable SAF market in Canada. With the right policy environment, Canada can build resilient, innovative, and sustainable value chains to meet domestic SAF needs and export SAF internationally to preserve its competitive position on global energy markets.

To learn more about the Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF), please visit c-saf.ca  

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