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Build Your AI Capacity with Amii

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Cam Linke

Cam Linke

CEO, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Amii is a renowned AI and ML non-profit based in Alberta. For two decades, they’ve strengthened the AI industry through research, industry adoption, and educational programming.

The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) is an Alberta-based non-profit that supports world-leading research in machine learning and translates scientific advancement into industry adoption.

As one of three national AI Institutes, Amii advances the mission of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, led by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR).


AI success starts with people

Phase two of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy includes an increased focus on translating research into commercial application and growing the capacity of businesses to adopt AI. Amii believes meeting these objectives starts with investing in the growth and development of people. To be successful, businesses adopting AI for the first time need foundational team-wide training right from the start. Then they need access to skilled technical talent to do the work. Amii offers AI education and talent development programming to support both.

Training and courses

AI is a powerful tool that the general public and many business professionals don’t fully understand. Amii addresses this knowledge gap by offering courses taught by world-class scientists and science educators that provide technical and non-technical teams with the common language and understanding of machine learning they need to get started with AI.

Internships and residencies

The demand for AI expertise is high and available talent is low. Through its Internship and Residencies program, Amii helps emerging AI professionals kick-start their careers while supporting companies to source the right technical talent for their machine learning projects.

The demand for AI expertise is high and available talent is low.

AI Career Accelerator

An internship and residencies feeder program, Amii’s Career Accelerator helps students and recent grads build the technical and soft skills they need to be successful in their AI careers.

Upper Bound

Poised to become Canada’s largest annual AI event, Upper Bound is a one-of-a-kind experience that strengthens the community, encourages knowledge exchange, and sparks investment.

From deep tech talks to pop culture, Upper Bound offers sessions and speakers for anyone interested in AI. The event takes place in Edmonton, May 23–26 in the new year.

To help remove barriers to entry into the profession, Upper Bound Talent Bursaries are available by application. Up to 1,000 AI professionals, national and international, will receive a free all-access ticket and travel stipend. A minimum of 30 per cent are awarded to applicants identifying from under-represented groups in STEM.

Build your business or career with Amii

In our rapidly changing world, artificial intelligence is creating significant corporate and career advantages. If you’re looking to break into AI, this 20-years-young institution is brimming with opportunities to build AI into your business or profession.

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