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The landscape of business is always evolving, which is why the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor recognizes the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to its students. To equip them for the future, students at Odette can build a strong business foundation that incorporates the STEM knowledge necessary to compete in today’s most innovative fields. Odette offers several ways for students to fine-tune their education to their interests, including double major programs like Business and Math, Business and Computer Science, and Business and Economics, and specializations in accounting, finance, and supply chain and business analytics.

We asked two of Odette’s current students about their experiences combining business with STEM.

Brooke Lamb

Brooke Lamb

Business Administration and Mathematics, Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor

Allison Nguyen

Allison Nguyen

Business Administration and Computer Science, Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor

What led you to apply to the Odette School of Business?

Brooke Lamb: One of the main reasons I decided to apply to the Odette School of Business was due to the wide variety of degree and specialization options available. I also liked the large range of business clubs to help further my learning and understanding of the concepts I have learned in my classes. Knowing that the Odette School of Business was recognized with numerous accreditations from organizations like the Association to the Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business, the Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario, and Supply Chain Management Association Ontario made me confident that this was a strong well-rounded program.

Allison Nguyen: The Odette School of Business offered me an experience that few other business schools in the country do: the chance to complete a double major in business administration and computer science without compromising the four-year undergraduate timeline. In my final year of high school, I was reviewing my options when I was invited to come take a tour of and learn more about Odette. The smaller class sizes and more personalized experience was a big appeal, and after weighing out the pros and cons, I decided that University of Windsor was right for me.

What’s been your favourite aspect so far of combining business and STEM?

Brooke: My favourite aspect of combining business and STEM has been blending the theoretical based learning style of mathematics with the application-based learning style of business. I feel that having a strong mathematical background will help me develop a deeper understanding of the different concepts taught in my business courses while improving my analytical and decision-making skills. 

Allison: Primarily, being able to problem-solve with another mindset and set of skills. In many of my computer science classes, I’m taught to approach problems logically from a variety of different angles and perspectives. Many different programs or algorithms I create are for problems that don’t have a straightforward or single set of solutions, so I look for out-of-the-box ideas and ways of problem-solving. Being able to translate this skill to business problems has allowed me to create more dynamic solutions. I enjoy combining both sides of the field because I can be more creative and dynamic in the way I think.

How has your double major helped you to shape your future career path?

Brooke: This double major has helped me to shape my future career path by opening a variety of different career options for me to pursue. When I was applying, I was interested in a career in either finance or actuarial science — which made the double major option appealing. My double major in Business Administration and Mathematics has helped me shape my future career path by opening a variety of different career options for me to pursue. The program allows me to study both the mathematics courses, which are helpful for a career in actuarial science, and the business courses that would help me in a finance-related career. In my third year I have the opportunity to specialize in finance if I choose to, which will further help me determine which route I will ultimately decide to pursue as a career. 

Allison: Being in a double major at University of Windsor has given me tons of opportunities to tailor my experience to best fit my future career aspirations. In my first year, I struggled to make a decision between a specialization in accounting or a specialization in finance, but Odette offered the support and information I needed to lead me on the right path. Through the multitude of courses focusing on different aspects of business, I was able to get a good grasp of what each specialization stream would look like, and through extracurriculars such as OFA I was able to learn what real-world applications of these concepts would be. Also, the University of Windsor is great with flexibility on how I complete my program. This past semester I was able to fit in an exchange to the Netherlands and gain many experiences with an education abroad.

Overall, it’s allowed me to explore many different options in what I want my career path to look like. Ultimately, I know I want to find a job that will allow me to use both of my majors because, over the past two years, I’ve developed a passion for coding and programming and I would want to integrate that in my future job. I’m now going into my third year, where I plan to specialize in accounting and working towards landing a job in the field!

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