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Advancing Canada's Research Partnerships

Bold Exploration to Transform Futures

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) is a global research organization proudly based in Canada. For 40 years, CIFAR has brought together outstanding researchers from across disciplines and borders to tackle the most important questions facing science and humanity.

Through its 15 research programs, CIFAR convenes close to 400 of the world’s top researchers from 141 institutions in 20 countries. Its community of researchers is among the most highly cited in the world, including 20 Nobel Prize laureates and three Turing Award winners.

CIFAR’s model of funding long-term, interdisciplinary, and deeply collaborative global research inspires new directions of inquiry, accelerates discovery, and yields breakthroughs across borders and academic disciplines.

Fundamental research addresses every aspect of life and health, individuals and societies, information and matter, and earth and space. CIFAR’s work contributes to a platform of robust, reliable knowledge upon which new technologies, processes, and public policy are created.

CIFAR also leads the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the world’s first National AI strategy, which expands its impact and community to include three partner National AI Institutes (Amii in Edmonton, Mila in Montréal, and the Vector Institute in Toronto). 

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