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Brian Weiner

Vice President – Head of Product, Visa Canada

Digital transformation has affected how small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) accept and process payments. With the help of Visa, an industry leader in payment technologies, Canadian SMBs are successfully adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape.

“Our goal is to empower and educate Canadian small business owners about the rapidly-changing business and technology landscape, while enabling them with solutions to help them thrive and stay competitive,” says Brian Weiner.

Today’s SMBs must be able to keep customer data secure, ensure transaction legitimacy, and help prevent fraudulent claims and activity — all while leveraging the latest payment technologies to provide consumers with a wide variety of rapid and secure payment options.

Tracking expenses and managing cash flow can be extremely time-intensive activities without effective tools.

Visa offers innovative monitoring and reporting tools 

One of the key reasons to acquire a Visa Business Credit Card is for the ability to provide additional cards to employees. This consolidates spending and lets business owners avoid the hassles of cheques, but it makes effective monitoring and reporting tools essential.

Visa Business Reporting is a simple yet powerful tool to access and track card transaction data via desktop or mobile, and the app lets you capture images of receipts within the tool for easy reconciliation while you’re on the go. Visa Payment Controls is another tool that lets you easily manage your employee cards by deciding where, when, and how your money is used. 

Additionally, Visa SavingsEdge provides automatic discounts on qualifying purchases at participating merchants, including leading hotel, car rental, and business services brands.

Visa also has you covered for digital payments

Maintaining loyal customers is paramount, and Visa offers tools to help drive repeat transactions. Digital loyalty solutions, such as Pay with Points, allows customers to use their rewards for any point-of-sale purchase.

With such a wide variety of technology and innovations designed to increase convenience and security for consumers and businesses, Visa is leading the way in providing digital solutions to SMBs.

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