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Collision: The Forefront of Change and Innovation in the Tech Space

How Collision, a premier global tech event, is bringing together people, companies, investors and startups to redefine the innovation ecosystem.

Each year, Collision hosts tech enthusiasts from across the world, acting as the epicenter of technological innovation. This event brings in investors, start-ups, and companies to network and strategize on how tech-based solutions can create change and opportunity. Toronto hosted Collision this year at the Enercare Centre, surpassing 37,000 attendees from 117 countries – making it North America’s leading networking event where innovation meets entrepreneurship.

This year, Collision saw a record-breaking attendance of start-ups including 1,623 start-up attendees from 57 countries with a major focus on AI integration and inventive solutions across diverse industries such as agriculture, real estate, women’s health, finance and more. This creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with leading organizations to instill new advancements and rethink the tech space.

Abdullah Snobar

Executive Director, DMZ

DMZ’s commitment to innovation

At the forefront of innovation stands DMZ, Toronto Metropolitan University’s leading entrepreneurial tech incubator and the #1 university-based tech incubator in the world according to UBI Global. DMZ engages with startup founders from all over the world to foster a thriving technology and innovation-based ecosystem. “Startups need to focus on building products and services that not only meet market needs but also provide real value and efficiency,” says Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director of DMZ.  

DMZ recently unveiled a new investment fund. “The investment fund, managed by the for-profit arm of DMZ at Toronto Metropolitan University, DMZ Ventures, will make up to 10 investments per year, ranging from $100,000 to $250,000. The fund will support promising pre-seed and seed-stage startups, primarily from DMZ’s portfolio, and is strongly committed to backing underserved founders,” says Snobar. This initiative showcases DMZ’s dedication to young entrepreneurs and the efforts to introduce these technologies into the global market.

Inclusivity in the tech space

Since 2014, Collision has connected tech enthusiasts, varying from major leaders like Google, Microsoft, and AWS to start-ups, looking to expand their horizons in innovation and technology. While these big names are important, Collision also emphasizes inclusion within the industry. This year, Collision introduced programs such as the Indigenous Attendee Program and the Women in Tech Program to ensure that the voices of underrepresented groups are amplified. While women in the tech space have often been overlooked, over 40 per cent of attendees at Collision identify as women.

This event is a beacon of change in the tech world, connecting people from every sector of innovation together and promoting ways tech can create change for good.

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