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Dr. Marat Ressin

President, YEDI

Accelerators and incubators play a critical role in Canada’s start-up landscape. By offering entrepreneurs an environment of collaboration and mentorship, educational resources, and opportunities for funding and networking, accelerators and incubators help grow innovative ideas into fully-formed businesses. 

“There are a lot of great entrepreneurs out there, but what they often need is some guidance on how to take their idea and bring it to market. That can make the difference between someone who just has a great idea and someone who is an entrepreneur,” says Maria Konikov, Director of Operations at York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI).

Canadian accelerators are among the best in the world. “Last year, UBI Global ranked us as the number one university-linked incubator in the world,” says YEDI president Dr. Marat Ressin. “All our instructors are high-level academics and real entrepreneurs themselves.”

YEDI’s world-ranked programs enable the growth of Canadian and international entrepreneurs

YEDI’s flagship 16-week Incubator Program, which offers education, mentoring, funding, and support, is proudly sector-agnostic and free for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, though the admission process is highly competitive with an average of 30 applicants per seat.

The program is delivered in collaboration with the renowned Schulich Executive Education Centre at the Schulich School of Business — graduates receive formal certification from both YEDI and Schulich, helping to demonstrate their credibility to potential investors, customers, and stakeholders. 

Last year, UBI Global ranked us as the number one university-linked incubator in the world.

Dr. Marat Ressin, YEDI

Participants benefit from access to state-of-the-art educational facilities, a network of leading industry mentors, and the opportunity to pitch to the institute’s funder audience, including YEDI’s own VC fund. 

International entrepreneurs looking to expand or launch their ventures into the Canadian and North American markets can explore the market’s viability, gain valuable resources and connections, and refine their ventures in accordance with Canadian standards via YEDI’s intensive two-week International Start-Up Program. As a designated incubator under the Government of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program, if an entrepreneur chooses to relocate and launch their business here, they can apply for a letter of support from YEDI, which, if granted, would allow them to apply for permanent residency. YEDI prioritizes innovative, socially- conscious businesses that create Canadian jobs and can compete on a global scale. 


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