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How Brandon Gonez Is Shaking the Room in Canadian Media

Brandon Gonez-Header Image
Brandon Gonez-Header Image

Brandon Gonez, a titan in the media industry, sat down with Mediaplanet to talk about breaking barriers, sharing stories, and the value of his education. 


What motivated you to start Canada’s fastest-growing online media company, Gonez Media Inc., following your career in legacy media? 

It was time to shake the room! Canada’s media landscape has not been serving Canadians the way they deserve to be served. It was very clear that there were way too many stories that were not being told, especially stories relating to people of colour. On top of that, so much Canadian talent had no platform to share all the amazing work they were creating. I wanted to fill that gap. That’s why I started Gonez Media Inc. (GMI). I’ve always dreamed of starting my own media company and felt this was the perfect opportunity to take that risk and give it a try. With technology changing at light speed and Canadians abandoning traditional media, I wanted to create a platform where Canadians could receive their news, information, and entertainment right at their fingertips. 


Where do you see the future of media and entertainment headed?

The future of media and entertainment will be more consumer-driven than ever before. I predict we will see more niche platforms and programs catered to people’s specific interests. This will no doubt cause extreme challenges for legacy media. Still, it does provide a new atmosphere and ecosystem for new diverse voices and platforms to succeed in the digital era. 


What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in journalism?

It has never been easier to be a journalist. You no longer need a camera operator or an editor to help produce news content. Instead, you can do it right on your phone! And what’s so amazing is that the barriers to entry have been significantly reduced. And hopefully, that will allow us to see and hear more voices and perspectives in storytelling


Having attended both university and college, what unique value did you derive from each educational experience?

Attending university helped me gain a deeper understanding of the different philosophies of the world. It broadened my perspective and thought process and exposed me to different ways of thinking and looking at the world. My college education helped me learn the hands-on skills to succeed in this field. It provided me with hands-on training to know how to do the job. They’re two very different experiences but put together, they’re invaluable.

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