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What Doors did St. Lawrence College Open for You?

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From real-world project opportunities to meaningful communities, these SLC students share their experiences and the pathways that the College has helped them follow.

A Door to the Local Community

Amanda headshot

Amanda Moraal

“When I graduate from my next program, I’m going to be doing more branding.”

Amanda appreciates that St. Lawrence College (SLC) has given her the opportunity to delve into her local graphic design space. Her most recent example was working with the Memorial Centre Farmers Market in Kingston to develop a logo redesign that better aligns to their message. She values job opportunities such as this, made possible through her job at SPARK. This SLC student-run creative communications agency is always busy working with local clients on marketing strategy, brand development, and multimedia advertising. Amanda’s projects have driven her to pursue branding when she graduates from SLC. With her real-world experience, she believes her knowledge and resources will allow her to fully understand clients and develop strong design solutions. Watch Amanda’s story here.

Opening you door to career success

A Door to Long-Lasting Friendship

Ninive Headshot

Ninive Rossi

“I made such good friendships that I believe are going to be with me for the rest of my life.”

Opportunities to develop meaningful friendships has been Ninive’s biggest takeaway from studying in her program. Being able to collaborate with her peers in and out of the classroom has allowed her friendships to flourish. This has made her student experience meaningful and memorable as she continues to learn and reflect with her friends. She believes she will maintain her connections long after graduating SLC as she and her peers grow in their professional development together. Watch Ninive’s story here.

A Door to Self-Discovery

Eniola Headshot-St lawrence

Eniola Olowoleni

“Coming to SLC has made me discover more of who I am and what I like.”

The experience of studying abroad at SLC helped Eniola discover her desire for a career in advertising and marketing communications. The variety of skills to learn, extra-curricular opportunities, and real-world experiences made SLC an easy choice at a time when she was unsure of what path to pursue. It was important to Eniola to find a community where she felt she belonged. Through her peers and professors, she is confident in saying she feels at home at SLC. From the creative to business sides, what she appreciates most about her program is community building. Experiential learning opportunities such as client work and the FUSE mentorship program has helped her connect with others, gaining further knowledge and connections for potential careers after she graduates. Watch Eniola’s story here.

Opening you door to career success
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