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First-Time Home Buyer

How You Can Elevate Your First Home Experience 

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From cleaning devices to kitchen appliances to beauty tools, SharkNinja® is your one-stop shop for high-performing and affordable small household appliances.  

As an industry disruptor, SharkNinja® has established itself as a powerhouse in home products through its dedication to cutting-edge innovation, excellence in quality, and customer satisfaction. With a broad array of products that consumers love, think of SharkNinja® as a personal concierge for your home. The company strives to identify known and unknown consumer problems and is dedicated to developing products that positively impact people’s lives every day, in every home around the world. Its product line spans 31 categories and includes high-tech tools for cleaning, comfort, and utility across your kitchen and living spaces. 


Creating a perfect first home

You’ve just got the keys to your new home and finished unloading your last set of boxes. Before anyone gets too comfortable, you want to ensure your floors and carpets are clean and free of stains. SharkNinja® offers you that peace of mind with their wide range of cleaning innovations that ensures every surface — whether it’s hardwood or carpet — gets the love it deserves.

Take the Shark® Cordless Detect Pro™, with four deep-cleaning technologies that detect and react to dirt. It also auto-empties, sealing in dust and debris, while odour-neutralizing technology keeps bad odours away. And there’s no need to hire expensive carpet cleaners when you’ve got Shark®’s StainStriker Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner™. The dual-activated solution offers 20 times more stain-striking power than industry leading spot cleaners, eliminating stains and instantly and permanently removes tough odours.   

Ambience and comfort

Your furniture is now in, artwork has given your walls a pop of colour, and you love how everything looks. You can enhance the ambience and comfort of your home with the incredibly quiet and powerful FlexBreeze Fan, which comes with a mist attachment. Cordless or corded, indoor or outdoor, flexibility is your friend. And when you want the air in your house to be perfect (well, 99.98 per cent perfect), choose the Shark® NeverChange™ Air Purifier MAX to capture particles, dust, and dander from your home. 

You’ve invited your friends and family to the housewarming, and now the day arrives. Your new home is sparkling clean, and now it’s time for you to look dazzling thanks to the new Shark® Beauty tools. Hair stylers, dryers, and smoothers will have you ready for any red carpet. 

The main course is easy thanks to SharkNinja®’s extensive range of appliances and cookware. It’s like having a professional kitchen assistant in your home. The limit to your menu creativity is your imagination. SharkNinja® has something that will help make everyone feel like a celebrity chef. 

When your guests arrive, impress them with the delicious Ninja® Thirsti™ Drink System, featuring thousands of still and sparkling drinks that you can personalize at the touch of a button. After your guests are done with refreshments, dinner is sizzling on the Ninja® Woodfire™ Grill — an all-in-one cooking experience that seamlessly transitions between a versatile grill, BBQ smoker, and outdoor air fryer. The integrated smoke box, high-powered convection fan, and specially designed Ninja® Woodfire™ Pellets work together to create a natural wood fire flavour. And if that’s not enough, spoil your guests with the Ninja® CREAMi® Deluxe 11-in-1 Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Maker, which delivers ice cream, sorbets, and milkshakes at the touch of a button. Healthy or indulgent, it’s your choice — but you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t always had one. 

SharkNinja® knows you have a busy lifestyle. They also know you want multi-functionality in household products, better performance, and value. That’s why their team of more than 700 engineers is constantly working to bring this combination together. 

Learn how you can elevate your first home experience with SharkNinja® at sharkninja.com

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