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Prospective first-time home buyers face more challenges than ever. nesto’s team of expert mortgage brokers helps millennials navigate them.

It’s not easy being a first-time home buyer in a market designed to make the process seem so complicated, let alone in today’s ever-increasing home price market. As first time homebuyers realize this, more of them are turning to nesto due to their quick, and unbiased solution.

One obstacle facing homebuyers is the minimum down payment required. The sharp rise in property values — especially since COVID-19 — has raised the cost of a down payment.


This reflects in Sagen’s 2021 research, where it’s shown that lower rent thanks to living with family and family gifts contributed to higher home prices met by higher down payments. While nesto can’t provide users with the funds to increase their down payment (yet), they have instead gone above and beyond in simplifying the mortgage process by way of adding transparency to the rate discussion and providing free and unbiased advice through their salaried mortgage professionals.

As seen above, First Time Homebuyers (FTHB) increased for the first time in 2021 since 2015 with First Time Intenders (FTI) even higher.

Best mortgage rates for first-time buyers on the first try

“First-time buyers tend to focus on the lowest rate, an item which nesto specifically covers without any effort or negotiation on the user’s part,” says Belair. Not only is nesto offering among the lowest rates in the country, nesto was built to analyze each individual’s unique situation with the lowest rate top of mind.

One way nesto protects the user is if the lowest rate for a given situation happens to be a restrictive mortgage, nesto walks the user through the examples of how a restricted mortgage could be detrimental to their financial future should an unpredictable life event occur (i.e; employment changes, or relationship changes). In nearly all cases, nesto would recommend a full-featured mortgage product in lieu of, also at best rates for that product type and situation.

With mortgage experts across the country and access to the most advanced technology, the nesto team can screen the entire market in seconds to find the best mortgage for a client’s needs. Because nesto’s agents are salaried, clients can feel confident that they’re getting the best, unbiased advice from a trustworthy source. A quick look at nesto’s 500 plus Google reviews with its overall 4.5-star rating proves one thing: nesto is trusted, and continuously fulfills its mission to always be on your side.

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