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First-time Home Buyer

Q&A with Scott Brothers on Properly Partnership

Property Brothers
Property Brothers

Scott Brothers, widely known as the “Property Brothers” discuss their partnership with Properly and provide tips for first-time home buyers.


What are your top 3 tips for first-time buyers?

Tip 1: Do your research and think ahead: Choosing a new home also means choosing a neighbourhood — one you may want to stay in for the foreseeable future. Think about where you’d like to be a few years down the road, and make sure your new home and community are right where you want to be. Researching average home prices and nearby amenities will help you determine whether a neighbourhood will be a good long-term fit.

Tip 2: Crunch the numbers: Planning well saves you money in the long run. When going house hunting, it’s important to know both what you can afford comfortably and what’s special enough that you’re willing to stretch the budget. If you know that in a year or two you’re going to either expand your family or need a little more space, it’s a better idea to find a way to get a home you can grow into without all the expenses of moving again.

Tip 3: Have a list but keep an open mind: It’s a good idea to write down a list of the things that are important to you when it comes to your first home. Knowing your must-haves will help you stay focused during your home search and help you feel confident when you think you’ve found the one. And remember: no home is perfect without your touch, so if you see a funky paint colour you don’t like, remember that paint isn’t structural.


How important are preparation and education for first-time buyers when entering the market?

You can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to buying your first home. That’s why working with a brokerage like Properly is so helpful — along with an expert team of real estate agents, Properly arms you with the data and tools you need to navigate the real estate market with ease. For example, Properly’s Instant Estimate tool is a free home value calculator that allows you to track the value of any home in the GTA, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the market.


Tell us about your partnership with Properly and how it can help first-time buyers

Properly is a new kind of real estate brokerage that’s making home buying easier and empowering first-time home buyers with data and real estate expertise.

Properly’s home search site lets you find new listings quickly and easily, and since listing prices don’t tell the whole story, it also shows recent sold history and sold prices. The Instant Estimate tool is powered by AI and helps you and your agent go into an offer situation understanding the true and accurate value of a home.

Properly also has a top-tier roster of agents who know the market inside and out and are backed by a team of in-house pricing, closing, and negotiation experts to support buyers. Expertise matters in today’s hot market.

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