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As the leader in paint and colour, Sherwin-Williams helps home owners create their dream home with free advice from its colour experts.

Once you’ve purchased your new home or condo, the real work begins — or the fun work, anyway! When you’re finished dealing with listings, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers, and have your keys in hand, a new challenge arises: turning your newly-acquired house or apartment into a home that suits your personal style and makes your heart sing. Whether or not you’re planning on doing home renovations, you’ll surely want to give your new home a fresh coat of paint — and having the right knowledge and guidance before you dive in can make the difference between a painted paradise and a pile of regrets.


The power of paint

Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update and transform a space, and best of all, you can DIY it with help from your new neighbourhood’s Sherwin-Williams. The colours you choose to paint your home can guide the rest of your interior design choices and dictate the mood and atmosphere of your home. Many first-time home buyers stick to dull colours and safe neutrals, but colour is a reflection of your personality and can really bring a space to life — so don’t be afraid to explore your options.

Colour psychology tells us that different colours can influence our emotions. While some colours can make us feel happy or relaxed, others can make us feel anxious. The colour red can increase heart rate, blood pressure, and appetite, while blues and greens can have a calming effect. Yellow is associated with happiness and light, while brown hues can make you feel calm and cozy. However, while colour can bring depth, visual interest, and ambiance to your home, choosing the right paint colours can be overwhelming.

Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update and transform a space, and best of all, you can DIY it with help from your new neighbourhood’s Sherwin-Williams.

Why seeking support is smart

If you’ve ever stood before a wall of paint samples, you’ll understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. Differentiating between hundreds of paint colours is daunting. Even if you want something simple like white, there are so many different shades available. Then there are the finishes to consider — from flat and satin to gloss and semi-gloss. Latex, oil/alkyd paints, pearl, matte — the sheer volume of options is enough to make any home owner perspire. There’s also a wide variety of paint brands on the market representing a vast array of quality levels, and new home buyers may wonder if paying more for a better brand is worth it.

This is why when it comes to painting your new home, turning to the pros is the smartest way to get started. Sherwin-Williams is an expert on painting and colour, and the paint company offers many free tools and consultation services to home owners.

Expert tips, tools, and support

Sherwin-Williams’ offerings include innovative colour selection tools, exceptional paints and stains, a wide selection of brand name painting supplies, personal service, and expert advice. Expert advice, in particular, is one area in which Sherwin-Williams shines above its competitors, as it provides home owners with exceptional free guidance and support.

The company is also known to be a colour expert, driving industry trends with its annual Colour of the Year selection. This year, Sherwin-Williams’ Colour of the Year is Evergreen Fog SW 9130, a cool and soothing green-grey hue.

According to Sherwin-Williams, the versatile, fresh, and chameleon colour — which is sometimes green and at other times grey with just a touch of blue in shadow — is about embracing a new beginning and hitting the refresh button. The hue is a perfect fit for the times and comes with a striking palette of complementary colour recommendations.

Booking a free Virtual Colour Consultation

For home buyers seeking to take the guesswork out of paint colour choice, Sherwin-Williams’ Virtual Colour Consultants are here to help. Request a free Virtual Colour Consultation and you’ll be connected with a professional who can guide you through your colour selection — all at no cost.

Sherwin-Williams’ Virtual Colour Consultations start off with a 30-minute meeting with a Colour Consultant. In this relaxed, fun, and informative session, you’ll receive expert colour recommendations — including some fresh colour options you may not have considered. Your Colour Consultant will send you up to 10 colour chip samples completely free of charge so you can try the colours in your actual space and in different lighting conditions. New home owners can also visit samples.sherwinwilliams.ca to order free colour chips in over 1,500 colours. Finally, your Colour Consultant will provide you with a personalized project plan for your space. These fun, free sessions are designed to leave you with the confidence to tackle your project.

Moving forward with confidence

Project plan and paint chip samples in hand, a Virtual Colour Consultation from Sherwin-Williams will leave you feeling empowered to embrace colour and to update your space. After all, there’s nothing that will transform your new house or apartment into a home as quickly and effectively as a good paint job.

So make Sherwin-Williams your first choice for all your DIY paint projects. With more than 100 stores in Canada and over 1,500 paint colours, Sherwin-Williams is the one-stop-shop for all of your painting and staining needs. Most importantly, Sherwin-Williams offers personalized support and advice to help you succeed. And new home buyers could all use a little support.

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