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Tom Ferencevic

CEO & Environmental Scientist, Fitec Environmental Technologies Inc.

Biogas industry leader Fitec is helping its clients to create renewable energy from organic waste.

Creating energy from waste may sound like magic, but it’s 100 percent possible. All over North America, organic material is being converted into biogas — a source of renewable methane gas that can be converted to electricity or heat, or can even be used to fuel vehicles. Though the industry has been around for 20 years, recent growth has been spurred on by government policies geared towards fighting climate change and by industry leaders like Tom Ferencevic, CEO of Fitec Environmental Technologies.

Robust and reliable solutions from an industry leader

“Our current food production system and consumption patterns create a tremendous amount of waste, and so much of it just ends up in landfills,” says Ferencevic. “It’s time we recover this waste and recognize it as a resource.”

This of course requires innovative processing equipment, which happens to be Fitec’s specialty. Fitec’s full-service biogas solutions include a food depackaging system known as the BioSqueeze, a Self-Cleaning Digester, and a pasteurizing system that’s integrated into the digester heating system and designed specifically for abrasive slurries like food waste. The efficiency of the Fitec system is unsurpassed and waste processed by this system produces digestate that exceeds the strictest global quality standards for residual contaminants.

It’s one of North America’s fastest-growing biogas companies, and for good reason. Ferencevic has been involved in the biogas sector since its very inception in North America and understands the complexity of the industry. He prides himself on offering solutions that are robust, reliable, efficient, and effective.

Authentic leadership you can count on

With 30 years of experience in the industry and a hands-on CEO who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, Fitec is a clear leader in the biogas space. The company’s exceptional designs and high-quality equipment — with innovative German engineering and quality craftsmanship — give it an edge. It also offers turnkey solutions and personalized service that makes use of skilled local professionals.

Ferencevic is known in the industry for being forthright and scientific. “I love digging into the details and helping to teach and empower people,” he says. “My objective is to cut through the nonsense and solve problems. I want my customers to be successful. That’s where my effort goes, and my customers appreciate that.”

It’s time we recover this waste and recognize it as a resource.

Fitec provides solutions for clients in all the main organic waste markets, including farmers, municipalities, project developers, waste management companies, and more.

Capturing lost value

As our population continues to grow both nationally and globally and climate change-related crises accelerate, there has never been a greater need for clean energy. And when we let our organic waste rot in landfills, it is just that — wasted. Fitec is actively fighting climate change by closing the loop in organic waste ecosystems. “Let’s get the organics out of the landfill, recover them, create renewable energy from it, and then put the contaminant-free organics back on the land where they came from,” says Ferencevic.

For municipalities, business owners, and farmers who are ready to do things differently and to create something from nothing, there’s good news. Fitec is here.

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