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Mayor Al McDonald

Al McDonald

Mayor, The City of North Bay

For Canadians seeking a rejuvenated work-life balance, North Bay is the place to be.

In this time of change, the need to work safely and productively from anywhere in the world has made the City of North Bay, ON, an even more attractive place to do business.

With its perfect blend of opportunity and easy living, North Bay is the kind of city businesses want to call home, particularly as they adapt to a new post-pandemic normal.

To assist new and expanding businesses, the City of North Bay recently launched a city-wide Community Improvement Plan which offers financial incentives to encourage and support certain private-sector housing projects and developments on industrial lands, as well as those within the city’s downtown and waterfront areas. Each target area has unique programs to encourage sustainable development and new job growth. Depending on the project, developments could qualify for incremental tax rebates for up to four years, as well as rebates for municipal fees, development charges, and professional studies.

In the downtown and waterfront target areas, grants are available for facade and building improvements, public art projects, sidewalk patios, and parking and landscaping improvements. Some development projects may also qualify for exemptions to parking requirements or parking and transit fee rebates. The housing target area will create incentives for the older housing stock in the core of the city to be renovated, converted, and renewed.

“We’ve taken an innovative approach by extending incentives available through a highly-successful Community Improvement Plan developed for municipally-owned industrial lands at our airport and for vacant and underdeveloped, privately-held industrial lands throughout the city,” says North Bay Mayor Al McDonald. “These incentives are available to land owners for industrial development that includes new employment and our team welcomes the opportunity to work with new investors.”

Andre van Soelen, Managing Director of Norgalv Limited, says his group of investors from South Africa investigated various business opportunities across the globe, ranging from Europe to Australia, before ultimately deciding on North Bay. “I can honestly say that the decision was made easy due to the hard work, drive, and assistance from all levels of government. It’s absolutely amazing that growing the economy and creating jobs aren’t mere slogans but goals, proven by the assistance and support we received in North Bay,” says van Soelen. “Within a short year Canada and North Bay have welcomed us with open arms and it’s now easy to say that this is home.”

Thinking about a change? Come grow with us.

For more information, visit Invest in North Bay or join the conversation using #grownorthbay.

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