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How Canadian Streamer & Content Creator, MTashed, is Levelling Up the Gaming Industry

Mtashed_content creator
Mtashed_content creator

With so many myths and misconceptions surrounding video games, Mediaplanet sat down with Canadian streamer and content creator, MTashed, to debunk common myths, learn what inspired his love for gaming, and hear how he turned his passion into a profession.


What sparked your interest in playing video games?

I have pictures of me holding an NES controller when I was one! I’ve always enjoyed gaming over traditional entertainment. I played hockey for 15 years, so I’ve always been competitive. So when games like Halo came out, and I could play against my friends, it took things to the next level.


How were you introduced to the world of content creation and streaming?

Watching skits and other videos when YouTube first dropped inspired me to create content. But when I realized I could mix my love for gaming and content creation, that is when things took off.


What are common myths and misconceptions when it comes to gaming?

Saying it causes violence or shootings is terrible reporting, and almost every academic study disagrees with the sentiment. It can really improve mental skills and things like hand-eye co-ordination. But, like anything, moderation is important!

Gaming can be highly social and good for making friends. I met my best friend from high school playing Halo 3. So if your kids are doing well in school and getting some exercise, allow them some time to game!


Do you have any advice for aspiring content creators and streamers?

If you want to make money doing it: you will fail. Nobody who gets into it to be famous or make money will succeed. They need to love creating and entertaining. It took me two years to make a dime off of it before I made it my career.

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