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COVID-19 has forever changed how and where we work, and businesses that adapt quickly and leverage credible expertise are the ones that will benefit most.

The pandemic’s impact on the work environment has been dramatic,” says David Boone, CEO of Staples Canada. “Forty percent of Canadians are now working from home, or not in a core location. Before the pandemic, it was just five percent. Companies are rethinking their offices and physical spaces, with the hybrid model being the preferred option for many.”

A history of delivering solutions to any workplace

Organizations will need to adapt to having employees split their time between a traditional office and working remotely. With this new work environment, business leaders are reviewing the traditional nine-to-five working model, assessing how the future of work will look with a hybrid model, and asking how they can keep their employees connected while onboarding staff into this new kind of work culture.

“We have a 30-year history in Canada and in recent years, we’ve transformed from being solely an office supply company to The Working and Learning Company, with a greater focus on solutions that can help people work, learn, and grow,” says Boone.

By leveraging customer insights, industry data, and professional experts, Staples is supporting Canadian businesses in this new working landscape with four key areas that lead to an effective and healthy workspace: mobility, connectivity, ergonomics, and organization. This focus has inspired a curated collection of products and services to help businesses and their dispersed workforces navigate the new working-from-anywhere environment.

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When it comes to mobility, organizations need to ensure that their staff can be productive wherever they’re working from, be it from the office, home, a co-working space, or any other location. Connectivity has never been more important in the new normal. Companies of all sizes are leaning on Staples to ensure that their teams are equipped with the tools to optimize virtual collaboration. In addition, Staples solutionshop can keep employees connected and productive with its Tech Support Subscription program.

With staff working in varied remote locations, health and safety have become top of mind for businesses looking to support the well-being of their staff. Good ergonomics, which starts by ensuring the right office setup, can increase efficiency and productivity and reduce injury to workers. Another consideration is organization, which ensures that people have the right tools regardless of where they’re working from.

Motivated to support customers

Showcasing its commitment as The Working and Learning Company, Staples offers unique products and innovative services. One of these is the Staples Spotlight Virtual Speaker Series, which has a calendar packed full of thought-provoking speakers, inspiring seminars, and educational workshops to support employees and businesses of any size. These free sessions, accessible through, allow people to learn and stay connected, which is critical in the current environment.

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“Staples has never been more relevant in supporting small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprise-level companies,” says Boone. “From offering co-working space and office design to access to technology and expert knowledge on health and safety, we have the solutions for every need. We’re here to help Canadians make sense of and win in this new work-from-anywhere environment with the solutions to be productive and work well.”

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