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How to Deliver the Perfect Customer Experience

Customer experience
Customer experience

Marc Gordon

Customer Experience Expert

Regardless of whether you sell a product or service, your customers will arrive with a set of expectations. This is especially true in franchising, as consumers have a preconceived notion of what the brand represents and the type of product or service they’ll be receiving. Companies that have the highest satisfaction ratings and see the most repeat business understand that it’s not about always having to exceed these expectations — in most cases it’s just about delivering experiences that are easy, stress-free, and convenient.

Here are four ways to help you deliver experiences that keep your customers happy and coming back.

1. Use marketing to let customers know what to expect. 

Claims of having the lowest prices, best service, and premium quality may set your customers up for disappointment if you can’t deliver. Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Use marketing to showcase your true strengths.

2. Make sure your employees are loud and proud. 

Every employee has the ability to be your best salesperson. All it takes is making them feel valued and appreciated. Train them how to speak to customers, empower them to make minor customer service decisions, and encourage them to take pride in being a part of your company.

3. Identify and try to minimize the sticky spots. 

A sticky spot is any part of the transaction where things go wrong. Being on hold too long, not having enough inventory, or referring customers to a malfunctioning website are all sticky spots. Frontline staff can often see where these issues appear most often and, in many cases, have great ideas about how to fix them. Use them as a resource to make future transactions go smoothly.

4. Focus on the human experience. 

Use technology as a way to build stronger human connections, not to replace them. Automated phone systems, chatbots, and apps will never replace the impact of human communication. A study conducted by Embassy Suites found 97% of customers said face-to-face interaction was “the most important part of developing and maintaining strong client relationships.”

Marc Gordon is an internationally recognized marketing and customer experience expert. In addition to speaking and consulting, he regularly appears on television and radio.

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