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Online lenders are becoming increasingly popular, but most of these companies are algorithm-first, people-second—here’s how one unique lender stands out from the pack.

Small business owners faced with a sudden opportunity—or an emergency—don’t have time to assemble painstaking, detailed company financials, let alone to wait up to 6 weeks for a traditional lender to approve a loan. Going through a bank makes sense for companies trying to acquire significant, long-term debt, but smaller enterprises who need a quick cash infusion need a simpler, more efficient solution.

Online lenders can finance your business in 48 hours

That’s where online lenders come in. These providers tend to offer smaller, shorter-term loans and slightly higher premiums — but with dramatically quicker approval rates. The field is driven by developments in technology, and some services are entirely automated and driven by algorithms, start to finish.

Total automation of the small business financing process isn’t always ideal—if your aim is to acquire a loan without having to jump through hoop after hoop to get there, or if you’re facing a situation that’s best explained to a person, not an algorithm, you’ll want to go through a company that places emphasis on real, human interaction.

We want to allow businesses to explain their story. Because every small business has a story.

Bruce Marshall, VP Marketing at Company Capital

Choose a lender that focuses on simplicity, flexibility, and customer service

Company Capital, is a 100% Canadian owned small business, which provides loans of up to 100 thousand dollars for small businesses and facilitates its business transactions with genuine human contact. Even though it leverages technology internally—this allows it to approve most loans in one to two days—the company speaks to each and every client on the phone.

Business owners get a call from a team member shortly after starting an online application. That team member will take the time to listen to the business owner’s particular situation and walk them through the application process. Applying couldn’t be simpler—just provide a few basic details and six months of company bank statements. That’s all it takes.

“We’re a little more flexible than traditional lenders—we want to allow businesses to explain their story. Because every small business has a story,” says Bruce Marshall, VP Marketing at Company Capital. “We answer the phone on the first ring—not a lot of automated lenders are doing that these days.”

Apply for a small business loan with Company Capital online or call toll free at 1 877 595 2346. Whether you need a loan for a time-sensitive opportunity or an emergency, you’ll get the opportunity to tell your unique story.

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