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Building Canada's Infrastructure

Invest in a Better Canada — Invest in Infrastructure

François-Philippe Champagne
François-Philippe Champagne

In every corner of the country, Canadians are benefitting from infrastructure investments that lead to stronger communities and a better future for themselves and their children.

Recognizing the importance of connections, communities are improving the roads, highways, ports, and terminals that link our communities to each other and get Canadian products to world markets. 

Communities are also rolling out new buses and trains that result in better public transit, which leads to shorter commutes and more quality time for Canadians to spend with their families. 

These investments in infrastructure by our government — part of $180 billion being invested — are already making a difference in the everyday lives of Canadians. They’re creating jobs, boosting trade, and attracting the talent and investment needed for communities of all sizes to compete globally.

Federal investments in infrastructure are creating new opportunities for highly-skilled Canadians working in the infrastructure sector. Additionally, they’re resulting in innovative public-private partnerships. Innovative collaboration is necessary to get more infrastructure projects built, especially in a country as vast as ours, where public investment alone cannot meet the sizeable infrastructure need without placing an unsustainable burden on taxpayers.

That’s why we created the Canada Infrastructure Bank, which has a mandate to increase the participation of private sector investors in transformative, revenue-generating infrastructure projects that will benefit Canadians and help public dollars go further.

Together, we will continue to build our communities because we know that modern infrastructure can attract talent and investment across the country.

The Samuel De Champlain Bridge is an example of how technological innovation and Canadian and international engineering expertise are being brought together to develop smart infrastructure that’s adapted to its environment and built to ensure longevity. The design and materials chosen for the new bridge take into consideration the unique meteorological conditions and geographic location of the structure. This is key to ensuring that the bridge will remain in service for the next century and beyond. Equally impressive is the fact that this new bridge achieved the highest possible international certification for sustainable infrastructure, which reflects our commitment to ensuring that new infrastructure be built with people and the environment in mind.

These are just some of the ways that federal investments in infrastructure create jobs and opportunities for all Canadians to participate fully in the life of the nation, while making Canada an even better place to call home. 

Together, we will continue to build our communities because we know that modern infrastructure can attract talent and investment across the country. Together, let’s seize the opportunity, fulfill our ambitions, and continue to build modern, resilient, and green 21st century infrastructure. 

The Hon. François-Philippe Champagne is Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure & Communities

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