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How the AIR MILES Reward Program Is Supporting Millions of Canadians with Enhanced Earning Potential

An effective loyalty program is key for Canadians looking to get more out of every dollar spent.

Throughout 2022, the increased pressures of inflation and the rising cost of living are putting millions of Canadians in a position of having to re-evaluate their spending habits. As we look ahead to 2023, shoppers across the country are changing the way they shop and looking for simple ways to get more out of their everyday spending, which is where loyalty and reward programs can become a difference maker.

Under new leadership, the AIR MILES® Reward Program has been on a transformative path to reimagine how rewards programs can support Canadians by establishing more open and flexible partnership models to help consumers convert daily spend to rewards at an accelerated pace. With more than 300 leading Canadian, global, and online brands issuing AIR MILES® Reward Miles™, the company is in a unique position to help Canadians out when they need it most. With consumers looking to get more out of every dollar spent, AIR MILES provides the opportunity to earn Miles on nearly every purchase with participating partners.

AIR MILES continues to expand its partnership models to provide more choice and flexibility in how collectors engage with the Program, offering new and renewed brand partnerships, an expanded card-linked offer program, and more opportunities to earn Miles online and in-store. In 2022 alone, these additional earning opportunities have helped collectors redeem approximately 3.6 billion Reward MilesTM toward free gas and groceries with AIR MILES Cash, merchandise, travel, and more.

Beyond just new opportunities to earn, AIR MILES’ investment in improving the digital experience is paying dividends for collectors. AIR MILES mobile app users earned nearly 300 per cent more Miles than non-AIR MILES mobile app users, and digitally active collectors earned 430 per cent more Miles than non-digitally active collectors.

Heading into 2023, there’s no doubt that Canadians will continue to feel the pressures of economic factors. But with an effective loyalty program like AIR MILES in their wallet or on their phone, consumers can continue to participate freely in a rewards program designed to stretch their spend further through convenience, flexibility, and choice whenever and wherever they shop.

Visit airmiles.ca to learn more about the ways that AIR MILES is rewarding Canadians.

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