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The loyalty and rewards industry may be a mature one but it’s not stagnant, with companies like Paytm acting as disruptors in the field.

When Paytm Canada first launched its bill-paying app in spring 2017, Canadians took immediately to the innovative mobile app which lets them pay all of their bills from one easy-to-use centralized platform. 

The company, which believes in the importance of innovation, also launched a loyalty program about a year later to give users more bang for their bill-paying buck.

Points for paying bills

Naqiyah Rampuri is the Director of Growth Strategy at Paytm. “We know that bills are something that every single person has to pay, whether it’s one bill or five bills. Generally, this means that you pay your bills either through your online banking portal or through the actual service provider’s website, but you don’t really get anything as a result of having to do something that’s a necessity, like paying for electricity,” says Rampuri. “That’s why we launched the Paytm Points reward program — to give back to Canadians. It’s like getting a mini-reward for something that’s part of your everyday life.”

Paytm is the only mobile app of its kind in Canada to offer reward points.

Pick a method to pay

Users can go onto the Paytm platform and set up multiple payment methods, and then pick a bill to pay by whichever method is preferred. “Customers can, for example, add a credit card as a payment option, and then pay their property taxes, cell phone, and utility bills with their credit card,” says Rampuri. “Not only are you getting possible credit card points, but on top of that, you’re getting the Paytm Points as well.” 

Not only are you getting possible credit card points, but on top of that, you’re getting the Paytm Points as well.

Naqiyah Rampuri, Paytm

Clients can also pay bills by linking a bank account to the platform and by uploading money into their Paytm account in person at a Canada Post outlet. Plus — there are no fees to use Paytm.

Paytm Points are earned on a point per dollar basis. “For as little as 5,000 Paytm Points you can get a five dollar Tim Hortons e-gift card, for instance,” adds Rampuri. When you refer a friend, and they make their first $50 bill payment, you’ll both collect 5,000 Paytm Points.

The mobile app has new features that make it even easier for users to see what stage a bill payment is in, to cancel a payment, and to pre-set bill payments in the future.

Paytm Canada continues to revolution ize how Canadians pay their bills and are rewarded on a daily basis.

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