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Powering Canada's Future

Hatch’s Women in Power, Leading Transformational and Complex Projects

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With an inclusive team, positive change and many strong empowered women, Hatch is powering Canada’s future.

Hatch, a global engineering, project management, and professional services firm is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. Employee-owned and independent, they have a reputation for attracting exceptional, diverse teams, as this helps to foster a plurality of thought and perspectives that tackle the world’s toughest challenges — the company’s specialty. But while Hatch is working toward having 40 per cent women representation at the company and putting considerable effort into maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture that attracts and retains the best people, it’s also a company that values talent — they simply hire the best of the best. 


Who better than the best to tackle the tough? Hatch is deeply engaged in the energy transformation. This includes power generation, storage and transmission to new technology development, and applications in both the public and industrial sectors. Globally, this consultancy knows it will take all kinds to achieve our net-zero goals.

Encouraging women in power 

We sat down with two leading women in power to learn more. “I don’t often think about the fact that I’m a woman while at work,” says Sujin Wren, Hydrogen Technologies Lead, Climate Change at Hatch. “I’m treated like an expert. That says a lot about the type of company we are. Hatch values talent and hard work. If you perform well, you’re ambitious and you have passion, you’ll be encouraged and successful here.” 

Diversity, regardless of gender, is important in leadership in general.

“Hatch has encouraged me by providing challenging opportunities throughout my career, like being part of the energy transformation,” says Patricia Lai, Associate and Project Manager, Power, who has been with the company for 18 years and started the Women in Power initiative to further support Hatch’s female employees. “And like Sujin said, I don’t think it mattered that I was a woman. I was considered an expert. I’m good at my job and because of that, I have been asked to lead complex and interesting energy projects around the world.”

Women are powering Canada’s future 

Wren and Lai have led a number of innovative projects, specifically in power, hydrogen and nuclear, respectively. 

“Our current project that both Patricia and I are involved in is very innovative and happens to be heavily women-led,” says Wren. This is the work that Hatch is doing with Atura Power on the Halton Hills Generating Station — a first-of-its-kind, technically challenging project involving hydrogen blending and co-firing. The project has several female leads, including the sponsor, project manager (Lai), technical manager (Wren), and project engineer. “It’s just amazing!” says Wren. “You don’t see this very often in engineering.” 

This is obviously a source of pride for these two women, and for Hatch.

Hatch also works on innovative projects in the nuclear space, collaborating with companies like General Fusion, Laurentis Energy Partners, and X-Energy, to name a few, all in an effort to develop new technologies that will help us shift to less carbon-intensive forms of energy.

“Diversity, regardless of gender, is important in  leadership in general,” adds Lai. “It provides a different way of thinking about things and fosters an inclusive, creative environment. An environment that’s necessary to achieve anything regarding the net-zero challenge.”

Hatch’s pioneering leadership is driving the energy transformation that the world needs for a positive future, and it’s in no small part thanks to its approach to building diverse and innovative teams. The best and brightest minds are needed to tackle the world’s toughest challenges head on — and Hatch clearly recognizes and embraces the fact that the strongest teams are those that bring together diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences.

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