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The Intuit Prosperity Accelerator has curated an inaugural cohort of eight leading tech startups. These solutions are positioned to help solve specific financial challenges that Canadian consumers and small businesses face in the wake of COVID-19.

Through their transformation from a startup into an established technology leader, Intuit has held onto their entrepreneurial spirit in everything they do. They believe that technology can help power prosperity for SMBs, the economy, and all Canadians. For Intuit, everything starts with the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to prosper.

Intuit and Highline Beta, venture studio and venture capital firm, recognize that collaboration between corporations and the global startup ecosystem is critical to moving with urgency in a fast-changing landscape. We need to do more together. A healthy tech innovation environment will be vital to the future of Canada’s economic recovery. 

The inaugural cohort of the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator, powered by Highline Beta, is piloting innovative tech solutions to help Canadian small businesses and consumers address future financial health challenges. The startups selected for the accelerator are working closely with dedicated program leads, Intuit’s Innovation Catalysts, and high-calibre experts over four months to guide strategic milestones throughout pilot execution.

Three startups participating in the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator were interviewed to discuss how the program will expand the scope of their impact in the wake of COVID-19. 

Blaine Bertsch, Dryrun


Dryrun provides cloud-based software to provide insight into a company’s current and future cash flow.

“Intuit reached out to us when they saw the crucial role of cash flow management in the middle of a pandemic. This project will lead to new technology to help CPAs and businesses get through the pandemic.”
– Blaine Bertsch, Co-Founder & CEO of Dryrun

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Jesse Abrams, Homewise


Homewise is a free service that provides homebuyers with the best mortgage possible.

“Our technology makes the mortgage application process fast, transparent, and easy. The Intuit team is just as excited about innovation as we are, and they pass on a ton of wisdom to ensure we strategize and execute with excellence.”
– Jesse Abrams, Co-Founder & CEO of Homewise

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Erin Bury, Willful


Willful is an online estate planning platform that allows Canadians to make end-of-life arrangements from the comfort of their own homes.

“Barriers between startups and corporations are surmountable by combining strong partnership opportunities with high-caliber teams and frameworks to support collaboration.”
– Erin Bury, Co-Founder & CEO of Willful

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Intuit Prosperity Accelerator DemoDay
March 2, 2021 from 12–2 p.m. EST

Featuring a fireside chat with Scott Cook, Co-Founder of Intuit, and hosted in partnership with Highline Beta and TechTO, register for free to learn more about the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator.

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