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Employees love perk programs, but they’re not easy to run. Here’s how one company is making it effortless.

Keeping employees happy is an important part of running a business. Happy employees are more productive, more engaged, and better leaders.

Providing perks is a great way to recognize employees’ hard work, boost morale, and even promote team-building. Employees appreciate traditional benefits, like life insurance and extended health coverage. But perk programs are a unique way to get them excited and motivated. They’re also a useful hook in attracting new talent.

Running a streamlined perk program is challenging for most companies. Developing and maintaining partnerships with brands is a large undertaking. And then there’s actually running the program, which is no easy task. The sheer number of moving parts can be overwhelming. 

Perkopolis office
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Streamlining the process

Companies who want to reward their employees without the trouble of running a perk program can enlist a third party. Perkopolis is one such party leading the way. It’s a company that partners with top brands and delivers fully-managed perk programs. 

“Perkopolis has been in the business for 20 years now, and we’ve become the de facto standard for companies who want to offer perks but don’t have the time, infrastructure, or resources to provide them at the level we do,” says Richard Joynt, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships at Perkopolis. It also assists companies to transition their internal perk programs seamlessly to the Perkopolis platform.

The best of both worlds 

There is no charge to companies to use the Perkopolis platform. “When we engage with an employer, we’re as much looking for an opportunity from them as they are from us, so it’s very much a partnership,” says Joynt. “We build a customized, comprehensive perk platform for each company we work with.”

Perkopolis offers the perks that people crave: exclusive, high-value offers and savings from recognizable brands on shopping, entertainment, travel, health and wellness, restaurants, and more. Perks on everyday purchases like gas and food delivery are available, too. Perkopolis is always sourcing new offers, rewards and benefits. Users’ feedback is welcomed to source the best perks. Perkopolis will provide partner companies with reports on employees’ program usage and engagement on a quarterly basis. 

Delivering the whole package 

Corporate powerhouses like RBC, Walmart, Westjet, TD, McDonald’s, and Home Depot rely on Perkopolis for their employee perk programs. Perkopolis also welcomes mid-size and smaller businesses. Companies simply need to spread the word about Perkopolis to their employees, and Perkopolis will take care of the rest, including seamless customer service via its bilingual concierge team.

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