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Employee Well-Being Is Driven from the Top at CAA Club Group of Companies

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Purpose is paramount at CAA Club Group of Companies (CCG), which includes CAA’s largest membership club and two thriving insurance companies, CAA Insurance Company and Echelon Insurance. 

Keeping people safe is what drives the over 3,000 Associates working at this over 120-year-old organization. The embodiment of that shared mission is largely thanks to the organization’s CEO Jay Woo, who took the helm in 2011. Shortly after he became the top executive at CCG, Woo quickly prioritized Associate well-being.

“Wellness is not new for us, it’s engrained in the fabric of our culture. Jay empowered his executive team to focus on Associate well-being over a decade before it started appearing on top lists of corporate trends,” said Mary Duncan, CCG’s group chief human resources officer, who has been with the organization since 2004. “He foresaw that achieving corporate goals, enhancing productivity, and fulfilling our organizational purpose, was predicated on the health, wellness, and engagement of our Associates.”

Well-being at CCG isn’t just about targeted programs and generous employee benefits, although those are well established. Outcomes are fostered through a holistic data-driven approach, led by an award-winning dedicated wellness team, and integrated into all the various benefits and programs at the organization. 

Reinforcing the importance of Associate well-being at CCG, Woo personally oversees the wellness program, Jaunt Wellness. This past year, after noticing an increase in chronic diseases, he spearheaded a fireside chat to educate Associates. He then approved a series of dietitian-led nutrition webinars and introduced a Metabolic Mastery challenge to give Associates the tools needed to take meaningful action.  

He has also implemented a generous travel discount for Associates and their families, in addition to benefits that provide peace of mind, like temporary fuel subsidies for Associates who are needed onsite and an additional two flex days.   

“The robust benefits that contribute to Associate well-being at CCG would not have been possible without the personal leadership and dedication of our CEO,” continued Duncan. “It’s a priority that is driven from the top because it makes business sense, and it contributes to our overall purpose as an organization. It’s as simple as that.” 

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