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How to Keep Your Business Safe and Your Team Well-Supported

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Respected insurance brokerage Greatway Financial provides high-quality financial education and services to keep Canadians — and their businesses and families — safe.

Greatway Financial is on a mission to help its clients to live a great life without worry. For many, that means achieving financial freedom and peace of mind. Financial freedom can mean different things to different people — from having passive income to saying goodbye to financial worries and concerns to living a simple life and having family security to enjoying the ability to travel anywhere, anytime. Whatever financial freedom means to you, most Canadians can agree that financial woes can cast a shadow over life’s brightest moments, and that living a good life relies on being free from the burden of financial stress.


Respecting and valuing its team

Greatway Financial wants to help its clients achieve financial security and freedom. The company’s core values — integrity, family, service, innovation, and happiness — are reflected not only through its unwavering commitment to guiding clients toward their financial goals, but also within the organization itself and through the way that Greatway values and supports its own team.

Internally, Greatway is dedicated to fostering employee wellness and work-life balance. To support its staff, Greatway has undertaken a series of comprehensive initiatives — offering flex days, monthly team lunches and town halls, bi-annual staff boot camps, team-building activities, rousing speeches from inspirational leaders, international staff retreats, event volunteer opportunities, and more. Reflecting this effort to improve its employees’ workplace experience, Greatway Financial was certified by Great Places to Work Canada in 2023. In an industry where scrutiny is routine and even the best firms can find themselves under investigation, Greatway stands out by steadfastly adhering to its core values of integrity, family, service, innovation, and happiness.  

Supporting small business owners

Just as the Greatway leadership is committed to looking after its own team with the utmost integrity — and to cultivating a thriving and engaged workforce — so too are Greatway agents committed to servicing small business owners and self-employed individuals across Canada with unwavering dedication. Greatway Financial knows how to prioritize its staff and it’s the organization’s goal to help business owners support their teams, too. The organization offers well-rounded and innovative benefits solutions tailored to promote work-life balance and holistic employee wellness to small business owners across Canada and their team members.

The company provides a variety of insurance offerings to protect Canadians, and their businesses and families. These offerings include life insurance, critical illness protection, disability insurance, travel insurance, business protection, mortgage term protection, home insurance, and final expense insurance for individuals. While they also offer Extended Health Benefits, Key-Person Insurance, Business Overhead Expense Insurance, and many more to help secure businesses and contribute to their success.

Empowerment and education  

Besides these service offerings, Greatway Financial offers education and empowerment. On its website, the company supports self-employed Canadians and small business owners with a wealth of education, covering all the basics of financial literacy. Clients can learn about the different types of insurance offered and which is right for them, take advantage of seasonal promotions, get business and life advice, and more. Comprehensive insurance and benefits solutions can play a pivotal role in fostering a family culture within businesses, as they demonstrate a tangible commitment to the well-being and security of employees and their loved ones. By providing robust insurance coverage and benefits packages, small businesses not only fulfill their duty of care to their workforce but also cultivate a sense of loyalty, trust, and belonging among employees.

Are you self-employed or a small business owner? Connect with one of Greatway Financial’s agents today at to ensure the growth and success of your business.

The content provided in this post serves solely for informational purposes and does not constitute insurance, financial, legal, tax, or other professional advice. It should not be construed as advice from Greatway Financial Inc. or its agents. Readers are strongly encouraged to seek guidance from qualified professionals before implementing any insurance or investment strategies. The availability of products and services is contingent upon the terms of the agent’s provider contracts and relevant regulations. Kindly consult your advisor to verify the availability of services you intend to utilize.
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