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A series of recent tech expansion announcements by Canadian and international firms confirm the digital economy is booming in Calgary. Bow Valley College, in downtown Calgary, is playing an active role in these transformative times by training the next generation of tech employees.

Bow Valley College’s School of Technology recognizes the need to reskill and upskill people to launch a career in the fast-paced world of technology. And for many looking to make the shift, there is a strong desire to do so quickly and affordably, in non-traditional academic ways.

In response, the college is now accepting students in its Cloud Computing and Data Management Analytics Post-Diploma Certificate programs. Both are offered using a competency-based education model (CBE). This learning experience recognizes the skills and knowledge you already have and builds upon the gaps you need to fill.

It starts with an assessment of your competencies. These competencies are identified by and built with employers to ensure relevance in the job market. Based on the results of your assessment, Bow Valley College will help determine your learning pathways. You decide the pace and timelines in which you learn, and you can do so with the flexibility of completing the material both online and face-to-face.

bow valley college campus
Bow Valley College campus, Calgary

“Competency-based education is a great model for those who have been laid off from the oil and gas industry, for newcomers, and for those who want to enhance their skills to get that promotion they’ve always wanted,” says Alison Anderson, dean of Business, Technology, and the Centre for Entertainment Arts at Bow Valley College.

Once you demonstrate your competencies, you will receive a Bow Valley College micro-credential that will certify you have the skills needed for in-demand jobs in the tech industry. Competency-based education lets you achieve this quickly and without the expense of a two-to-four-year academic program.

Displaced energy workers will find some of their skills are transferable to the digital world. People with a technical education background or those who have worked in a technical role can apply their core competencies to a job in cloud computing or data analytics.

Another option for people looking for a fulfilling career in the digital economy is the Cybersecurity Post-Diploma Certificate at Bow Valley College. The two-term program gets graduates job-ready for positions in cybersecurity analysis, data security analysis, quality assurance, and many more.

“Many of the jobs that will be coming to Calgary as a result of tech expansion will be cybersecurity analysts. It’s a growing, future-proof profession, and the prospect of companies hiring in the very near future means a pivot in this direction makes perfect sense,” says Anderson.

Learners interested in the Cybersecurity Post-Diploma certificate can apply now. Bow Valley College’s CBE programs in cloud computing and data management analytics launch in January 2022, but applications are open now.

“Calgary’s economy is diversifying, welcoming more and more tech jobs that will be in-demand and survive through modernization,” says Anderson. “While this shift may not have been what people in the energy industry pictured, we should embrace it. Bow Valley College is proud to be a part of shaping what that will look like.”

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