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Q&A with The Scott Brothers: Planning and Purchasing Your Dream Home

Mediaplanet interviewed the Scott Brothers, Drew and Jonathan, who specialize in helping families discover, purchase, renovate, and turn challenging properties into their ultimate dream homes.

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Can you share some key factors that Canadians should consider when purchasing a home, particularly in terms of location, property features, and potential for future growth?

Drew: Location all comes down to what your family needs. Do you need access to good schools or a better commute? Do you want to be close to loved ones? Do you want to be near the city or in the suburbs? Doing your research to find which neighborhoods fit those requirements is a great starting point! You can also research the average home prices in those areas, too.

Jonathan: When it comes to features, you have to be willing to make some compromises since there’s a good chance you won’t get everything on your wish list. I’d suggest writing out the “needs” vs. the “wants” so you can keep your priorities straight. It’s great if you get a little of both, but that way you can stay focused on what’s most important. 

Drew: And it’s usually best to find a house you can grow into, too. In other words, try to envision what you’ll need a few years down the road instead of just what you need right now. That way, the house is ready for all those twists and turns life throws at you.

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As experts in home design and renovation, what are some key considerations homeowners should keep in mind when planning their dream home?

Jonathan: One consideration is that you need to have patience. I know, I know, no one likes that one! But whether you’re doing a small redecorating project or a full-on remodel, it takes time to create a home that’s just right. Things go wrong, or furniture gets delayed, or something runs over budget… it’s all part of the reno roller coaster!

Drew: Another tip is to try and have some fun with it. Functionality comes first, but if this is your dream home, make sure you’re incorporating a few things that bring you joy every day, too. For example, we had a water slide at our old Las Vegas home. It was a hit!

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What are some insights into the process of selecting and working with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals to bring their dream homes to life?

Jonathan: My biggest piece of advice is to know when to call in the professionals. There are plenty of projects you can handle yourself, like painting or refinishing furniture. But the trickier updates, like electric work, are best left to the pros. Don’t be a hero!

Drew: Also, you want to choose people you trust. If you don’t trust them, you won’t feel confident in their work and the entire experience will be stressful. Do your research before hiring anyone, whether it’s reading online reviews or getting referrals from friends and family. Set up phone consultations when you can to see if your personalities mesh. And don’t forget to be super clear on costs and timelines up front… no one likes a surprise bill.

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In your experience, what are some common mistakes that Canadians should avoid when investing, purchasing, or owning homes, and how can they mitigate these risks?

Drew: Don’t let fear take the wheel! The market changes so often and while that can sometimes work out in your favor, don’t let that be the only factor you’re considering when you’re buying, selling, or considering selling. I’ve seen so many people lose out because they’re letting the market steer their decisions.

Jonathan: Another thing to think about is whether you need to move at all. If you love your neighborhood, the house is mostly great but needs a few tweaks, or the costs are overwhelming, it may make sense to stay put for a while. You can always make tweaks to your current home (like new furniture or décor from The Brick!) which may make you happier in the long run.

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Are there any upcoming events you would like to share? Tell us more about your upcoming partnership with The Brick. 

Drew: As Canadians, we’re so excited to partner with The Brick! You can expect a ton of great, exclusive furniture that’s perfect for that dream home you’re planning – all at a great value. Everything we design is meant to be functional, beautiful, and comfortable… basically, all of our favorite things. Imagine your family cozied up on our Evolve sectional for movie night, or hosting your next holiday gathering around our Reno dining room table. We’re honored to help families create spaces that will host these important memories for years to come. 

Jonathan: And if you need more ideas, definitely check out We’re updating it all the time with a ton of great advice and tips from yours truly. It’s a one-stop shop for home inspiration!

Check out for a ton of great advice and tips from the Scott Brothers.
It’s a one-stop shop for home inspiration!

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