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Natali Altshuler

Vice President & Head of Operations, EA SPORTS

For women looking for an innovative, inclusive workplace that fosters creativity and collaboration, software engineering may be the answer.

Having an inclusive and diverse workforce is central to who we are and what we do,” says Natali Altshuler, Vice President and Head of Operations at EA SPORTS, a division of Electronic Arts (EA), a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. “As a company, EA has pledged to be a leader in the representation of women in games, to empower an inclusive culture, and to promote the gender equality movement through our industry and our communities.

While we’ve made steady improvements with respect to representation, we continue to invest in initiatives that empower our people, celebrate diversity, and actively foster inclusion.”



Altshuler notes that EA SPORTS is always looking to attract and hire diverse talent. “We’re committed to investing in our people and their development, and are focused on embedding a culture of belonging, where people bring their whole, best selves to work,” she says. “When you join EA SPORTS, you also become a part of a global team of more than 1,200 passionate and innovative developers making some of the most popular games on the planet.”

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