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Effectively Manage Cyber Risk By Empowering Your Employees

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Bob Corson

Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder, Beauceron Security

Kim Schreader

Director of Cybersecurity Professional Services, TELUS Business

As cyber threats continue to evolve, empowering your employees is the ultimate shield against cyber risk.

Cybercrime is an increasingly lucrative business for cybercriminals. In a landscape where business processes, applications, and data continue to be automated, the unexpected impacts of cybercrime are growing exponentially. As a result, organizations are faced with how to mitigate risk, lower costs, and maximize employee efficiency in an ever-changing work environment. 

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“In a world where employees are adapting to new ways of work, every minute matters. The greater the effectiveness of your awareness investments, the lower your risk to your business, brand, and operations. Building a security culture that effectively combats cyber threats requires you to place people at the core of your security awareness program,” says Bob Corson Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder at Beauceron Security.

People in control of technology: The first step to managing risk 

Organizations across Canada are making the shift to people-centric solutions. “When it comes to empowering employees to reduce your cyber risk, online training and simulations will not solve the problem alone. The solution goes beyond having content; it is all about affecting organizational change.” according to Kim Schreader, cybersecurity expert and Director of Cybersecurity Professional Services at TELUS Business, a Beauceron Security partner and customer. “Zeroing in on ways to empower everyone in the organization to be informed, responsible, and accountable to cyber threats is a critical first step. With this understanding, you can then make intentional changes over time to improve the effectiveness of your program.”

When this is done correctly, organizations can increase the chance that employees can spot, stop, and report suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.  

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