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ENCQOR 5G is a major partnership in the field of 5G disruptive technologies focused on research, innovation and the adoption of 5G products and services by end users. The initiative is made possible thanks to private and public investments from the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, as well as world leaders in digital technology (Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, IBM Canada and CGI) and aims to develop a world-class collaborative platform to accelerate the transition to 5G technology. The five-year strategy is coordinated by three organizations – Prompt and the ADRIQ in Quebec and OCE in Ontario.

5G, or fifth generation networks, is the next generation of wireless mobile standards and technology. In addition to being designed to transmit data faster, it supports an increased number of connected devices, various types of traffic and different user scenarios, allowing for entirely new connections between vehicles, sensors, buildings, machinery and people. The main tangible benefits of 5G are ultra-high speed, mass connectivity, and very low latency.

ENCQOR 5G is developing a world-class collaborative platform for ICT and digital technology research, innovation, and application demonstration, built on infrastructure in which 5G technology is accompanied by cloud computing, The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data.

The ENCQOR 5G initiative will give several hundred Canadian companies and researchers the opportunity to test prototype hardware and software solutions designed to address concrete problems on its 5G platforms at digital innovation sites across Quebec and Ontario. These testbeds make pre-commercial 5G infrastructure and expertise available for companies to iterate their innovative solutions and prepare for the imminent arrival of 5G spectrum in Canada and around the world — ensuring that Canadian companies have first-mover advantage in this new business environment and are well positioned to maximize their global competitiveness.

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