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How Can AI Engineer New Technologies?


Afshin Doust

Advanced Intelligence Systems

Mediaplanet sat down with Afshin Doust, CEO of Advanced Intelligence Systems, to discuss how AIS uses advancements of engineering to innovate new technologies that contribute to Canada’s innovative ecosystem.  

Mediaplanet: Tell me about AI Systems, how did it start and what impact is the organization trying to make?

Afshin Doust: Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS) was incorporated 5 years ago. In 2016, Afshin Doust, who was an advisor to the company took the role of CEO and the company focused on creating Practical Autonomous robots to automate tasks that are labour intensive, hazardous and undesirable. AIS automates tasks in industries that have a hard time finding labour due to the strenuous nature of the work.

These industries are in the danger of shrinkage due to the fact that the nature of work is changing and people are not willing to perform hard labour and dangerous tasks for minimal wages.

One such industry in horticulture and agriculture. AIS’ first product, BigTop is geared towards automating plant pot spacing in this industry while using AI and IoT to gather data about the plants’ growth cycle, marketability readiness and possibly decease detection. 

What are the top industry challenges you are helping address?

Automation is expensive and this is the biggest hinderance for many industries to seek automation. AIS’ RaaS model does not require any upfront capital from clients who seek to automate their work processes. AIS, through its RaaS model makes automation available to everyone.

Another perceived issue with automation is the cost of service and down time due to break downs. AIS has created a modular robot with interchangeable parts that allows maximum uptime and all of the parts and service are included in AIS’ RaaS offering, eliminating all service concerns and down times. 

Engineering of new technologies and AIS’ practical approach to automation has brought robotics within everyone’s reach.

Seeing as you were one of the Agri-tech companies selected for the upcoming National Research Council of Canada, can you offer insights on how the engineering of new technologies is disrupting the agriculture industry?

Engineering of new technologies and AIS’ practical approach to automation has brought robotics within everyone’s reach. The availability and affordability of automation provided by AIS has created and will continue to create a significant disruption in all targeted industries. 

How does AI Systems help make an impact through strong engineering and pave the way for cutting edge technologies for the future of Canada?

AIS has amassed a plethora of patents, each unique in its own way. These patents can be used to develop technology in Canada and export it all over the world. The long term impact of AIS’ technological discoveries will flourish for generations to come.

Anything else you want to add to discuss how AI Systems is helping engineer the future?

AIS is a practical autonomous robotics company. We focus on creating practical robotics solutions in industries that are facing grave labour shortages due to the nature of their jobs. AIS automates jobs that are undesirable and helps to create many supplementary jobs in various industries. 

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