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Data: it’s critical in driving operational efficiencies, which in turn drives customer satisfaction and business success.

SKY Data Sims knows the importance of data. With almost a decade of developing and commercializing global wireless service for machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the company has partnered with over 600 Tier 1 carriers in more than 160 countries to help business leverage the power of data.

SKY Data has expertise in providing leading industry connectivity solutions in asset tracking, eHealth, POS, smart home, and smart metering technology.

Being smart about smart metering

One of the most notable examples of SKY Data Sims’ solutions is smart metering. It’s a solid business case with approximately $1.5 billion in qualified benefits to be realized over the next 20 years in operational efficiencies, energy savings, revenue protection, and capacity savings.

For customers, this means detailed information regarding energy use alongside the data to adjust habits and lower energy consumption, with a reduced number of blackouts.

The benefits for companies include eliminating manual monthly meter reading, monitoring the electric system in real time, encouraging more efficient use of power resources, enabling dynamic pricing and reducing energy consumption, which delays need for new and capital-intensive power plants. All of this can help optimize profit today with existing resources.

But the SKY Data advantage is more than just connecting your meters, assets, and fleets. Backed by a team of IoT specialists, the SKY Data Sims platform lets you deploy, manage, and scale your application, while allowing you to control multiple tiers of subscribers all from a user-friendly dashboard. And security isn’t sacrificed, as virtual private networks (VPN) and EMEI locking are available. Sky Data Sims offers simple and predicable plans, with no long-term contracts or commitments and no hidden fees.

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