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Marvin Talsma, Climate FieldView

Marvin Talsma

Product Marketing Manager, Climate FieldView

Denise Hockaday, Climate Fieldview

Denise Hockaday

Climate Business Lead, Canada, Climate FieldView

Technology has transformed farming, and now farm management technology like Climate FieldView is taking it to the next level.

With the world’s population steadily increasing, the agriculture industry must find more efficient, sustainable ways to increase food production. To help farmers answer the challenge of feeding a growing world, Climate FieldView is focused on helping them get their data in one place, uncover valuable field insights, and optimize their inputs.

Technology and farming: a match made in heaven

Farming is more technologically-advanced than many other industries, according to Marvin Talsma, Product Marketing Manager at Climate FieldView. “Farmers who grow crops adopt technology fairly quickly,” he says. “It starts with technology in their seed. Technology brought us crop protection for insects and selective weed control.”

From there, technology continued to evolve. Nowadays, farming equipment — from tractors to planters to sprayers — are GPS-enabled and collecting data.

“There’s been a lot of technology adoption on the farm,” says Denise Hockaday, Business Lead, Canada, at Climate FieldView. “The next layer is farm management technology.”

With the abundance of data available and the plethora of decisions farmers must make — decisions that often rely on multiple pieces of information — they need support in bringing all that information together to a place where it becomes usable, explains Talsma.

You can’t solve what you can’t see

This is where Climate FieldView comes in. The company is dedicated to creating technologies that transform field data into meaningful insights that help farmers sustainably enhance yield potential, improve efficiency, and manage risk.

The FieldView™ Drive is a hardware device that plugs into farmers’ field equipment and integrates seamlessly.

“Climate FieldView brings a farmer’s data into one place,” says Talsma. “Over time, as you collect more data, you see trends that help you identify proper steps to take. It’s all about being efficient with your resources, time, and dollars.”

One of Climate FieldView’s helpful features — especially during the COVID-19 era — is that farmers can easily choose to share the information collected with their business partners and agronomic advisors. “What would have been conversations at the kitchen table back in the day are now digital conversations that can happen remotely,” says Talsma.

Facilitating strong partnerships with key collaborators

Partnerships and collaborations are key parts of modern farming.

“Farming is a team sport,” says Hockaday. Many farms are family operations, but farmers collaborate with all kinds of partners to ensure their operations run smoothly, from seed dealers to crop protection providers to crop specialists, financial advisors, and more. Farmers work with these different partners to create customized solutions for their farms.

“From the perspective of the business, farming is very complex,” says Hockaday. “There are so many decisions to make. When you bring people onto your team, they can only help make decisions for you or with you if you’re able to share the information that you have with them. Climate FieldView brings all the information together into one spot so farmers can have more robust conversations with the partners that are helping them make these complex decisions.”

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