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Paul McKenzie, NexOptic Technology Corp

Paul McKenzie

CEO, NexOptic Technology

Bill Cawker, NexOptic Technology Corp

Bill Cawker

Corporate & Shareholder Relations, NexOptic Technology

In the world of artificial intelligence (AI) startups, when you’ve managed to secure partnerships with three of the world’s largest and most innovative semiconductor titans in a little under five months, well — it might just mean that you’re onto something. And that’s exactly what NexOptic Technology Corp. has managed to do.

Beginning this summer, the publicly-traded Canadian AI innovator NexOptic Technology Corp. caught the attention of Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Arm, and by late November it had secured esteemed partnerships with all three. With partner support, NexOptic’s disruptive imaging AI is OEM-ready on NVIDIA’s Jetson and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platforms. Snapdragon is the dominant semiconductor choice worldwide for smartphones.

Leveraging the power of vision

For the world’s largest businesses, staying relevant in the world of AI is critical for survival. Industries impacted by AI include automotive, smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing, and logistics. “When it comes to imaging and the future of big business, what their devices can’t see could hurt their bottom line,” says Paul McKenzie, NexOptic’s CEO.

NexOptic’s imaging AI, ALIIS, transforms and enhances images using the latest breakthroughs in machine learning. Not only will you be able to take better selfies, but ALIIS is also perfectly tailored to meet the demands of the fastest-growing segments of the imaging industry: machines that capture and process images that no human will ever see. These machines are increasingly leveraging the power of vision to perceive and react to the world around them. Vision systems such as facial recognition, object detection, and classification — can all be paired with ALIIS to enhance their capabilities. This requires lightning-quick and sophisticated AI married with the world’s best semiconductors, all to create “a better view.”

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Incredible picture quality — and opportunities

ALIIS works pixel by pixel, whereby every single part of an image is independently and uniquely perfected. The result? Images with superior resolution and sharpness, and dramatically-reduced image noise, glare, and motion blur. Additionally, it enhances long-range image stabilization by enabling faster shutter speeds (up to 600 times) while offering upwards of 10 times reduced file and bandwidth requirements for storage and streaming applications. What’s more is that ALIIS does all this in real time. As the next generation of AI-enabled cameras come to market, the opportunity could be enormous.

Headquartered in Vancouver and with recently-opened operations in Seoul, South Korea, NexOptic is a Preferred Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, a member of the Arm AI Partner Program, and a member of the Qualcomm Platform Solutions Ecosystem. 

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Spotlight on ALIIS

  • ALIIS is a foundational edge-AI imaging solution
  • Learns/embeds the optimal light profile of any camera
  • Enhances images and video in real time
  • Up to 600x faster shutter speeds
  • 10x increased data compression for storage and streaming
  • Dramatically reduces image noise, glare, and motion blur
  • Improves object detection and image stabilization
  • Improves facial recognition, visual SLAM, and segmentation
  • Applications in AR/VR, smartphone, security, automotive, and medical sectors

For more information, visit NexOptic Technology Corp. or email [email protected].

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