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Home is where we’re spending the majority of our time these days, so it’s essential that it’s a space we feel comfortable in. While juggling work and home life can feel overwhelming at times, artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help make routine chores a breeze and give you a helping hand when you need it the most.

LG Electronics’ AI-powered ThinQ ecosystem can connect ThinQ-enabled products, as well as smart home Internet of Things (IoT) devices, throughout your home. From your LG home appliances and television to Philips Hue light and TP-Link Smart Switches, you can monitor and control them right from your TV’s Home Dashboard, or through the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone.

Elevate your home with connected devices

LG ThinQ devices such as sound bars, TVs, and home appliances can sync with Google Home or Amazon Alexa to come to the rescue when you have your hands full. Simple statements like, “Preheat the oven,” “Make craft ice balls,” or “Search for an action movie” can help if you’re running behind on dinner or want a hand finding a movie.

Plus, LG ThinQ-enabled home appliances can be managed from anywhere, with features that help you get the most out of connected living. Receive alerts when it’s time to order more detergent, if the fridge door is left open, or when your laundry cycle is complete.

Smart TVs, like LG’s ThinQ-enabled OLED, can also provide tailored recommendations based on who’s watching and their previous viewing choices, and the voice-controlled Magic Remote makes it quick and easy to find great content and also to control smart home devices.

As a frontrunner, LG innovates for a better life. By being one of the first companies to bring 5G mobile devices to Canada and creating the ThinQ ecosystem, LG is delivering tomorrow’s connected home, today.

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