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The Evolution in Showering Is Here — and It’s Truly Luxurious

kohler smart home
kohler smart home

Kohler smart home plumbing products bring a new sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and convenience to your everyday routines.

When it comes to the connected world of smart home automation, North American company Kohler is leading the way. New technological innovations have allowed Kohler to create an ecosystem that applies to plumbing fixtures across the entire home. The company’s latest products and features are sure to revolutionize the way you live. By harnessing the elemental energy of water, light, sound, and power, Kohler brings you back to basics while elevating your routines — and also while promoting sustainability and cost-efficiency.

The Kohler heritage 

Kohler’s history of innovation and excellence dates back to 1873, when John Michael Kohler founded the company in Wisconsin. Today, it’s run by David Kohler, his great-grandson. Originally a manufacturer of ploughs and other farm implements, the first Kohler plumbing product was an enamelled cast iron water trough sold as a bathtub in 1883. Over the years, the company has expanded through continuous acquisitions and innovations.

Today, Kohler is one of America’s oldest and largest privately-held companies and comprises more than 40,000 associates, with more than 50 manufacturing locations worldwide. Kohler is a global leader in the design, innovation, and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom products, along with many other products, including engines, generators, and clean energy solutions. The company also develops solutions to address pressing issues, such as clean water and sanitation, for underserved communities around the world. 

Home Automation - Kohler - showering

Creating your own personal oasis 

A recent innovation is KOHLER Konnect, a platform for smart home products. The platform enables consumers to personalize their experiences in the kitchen and bathroom through a combination of customized settings, a new level of control, and feedback. KOHLER Konnect also connects to ecosystems such as Amazon, Google, and Apple, enabling a seamless experience.

Having a voice assistant in the bathroom makes life easier in ways you may not have imagined. From starting the morning on a positive note to winding down at the end of the day, the time we spend in the bathroom often represents special moments of calm, connection (as with your child’s bath time), and “me time.” KOHLER Konnect makes these small moments more intuitive and enjoyable. Imagine drawing a bath without monitoring the hot and cold water or warming your shower while still in bed. The convenience, personalization, and comfort take everyday experiences to the next level. 

The new smart bathroom   

Kohler DTV+ showering system is one of the company’s most innovative products that can be personalized using KOHLER Konnect. Adjust water temperature and control showerheads and body sprays, lighting, steam, and shower duration with voice-command assistants, the DTV+ interface, or the KOHLER Konnect app. The Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker lets you enjoy crisp music quality, even in the shower. 

The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, an industry first, has Amazon Alexa integration, making it a highly-functional and thoughtfully-designed centrepiece of a smart bathroom.

In addition, through the KOHLER Konnect app, users can control the temperature, timing, and duration of the heat with the ability to program and set all features to individual preferences.

Showering re-envisioned

What if your daily shower could be a spa-like, therapeutic experience that engages all the senses and elevates the everyday? The Statement Collection from Kohler creates an indulgent, customized showering experience with a showerhead, four styles of handshowers, four unique rainheads, and two bodysprays, all available in a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes to best suit your unique style.

The team at Kohler recognizes that while we shower for good hygiene, a shower can — and should — be much more than that. A shower should set you up for success by washing away your daily stress and boosting your energy levels. And with features like Deep Massage Spray composed of twisting jets that knead sore muscles and Cloud Spray that envelops the body in a warm mist, sophisticated hydrotherapy is now available at home.

kohler smart app

One app for everything

Easily set preferences for all of your KOHLER Konnect products — all in one place. From your ideal shower settings to perfect lighting levels for applying makeup, your family’s personalized experiences are just a tap away.

Extraordinary engineering 

Thanks to innovative Kohler Anthem digital control with Wi-Fi connectivity, all of the features and products are intuitive to use. Control of your custom shower is at your fingertips — or your voice. A sleek, minimalist display lets users configure and control outlets, temperature, and flow, creating a personalized showering experience every time. An optional built-in eco mode allows you to conserve water by using just one outlet at a time, and the summary screen helps to promote mindful water usage. Presets can be set based on user preference, and all digital Anthem controls are integrated seamlessly with the KOHLER Konnect app. 

The latest innovations from Kohler are good for your health and well-being — they promote peacefulness and stress release, and built-in functionalities help improve blood flow, manage muscle soreness, and more. They’re also good for the planet and demonstrate Kohler’s commitment to sustainability. Turning on the shower at the right temperature from the first drop and reducing water usage are just some of the steps Kohler has taken toward its goal of becoming net zero by 2035.

With cutting-edge engineering, thoughtful design, and a customer-centric mindset that has been an integral part of the company since its very beginnings, Kohler continues to elevate the ordinary and awaken the senses. 


Create a showering oasis all your own. DTV+™ digital showering experience with KOHLER Konnect® responds to the sound of your voice for personalized steam, water, light, and music settings.

Kohler shower
Kohler shower


Anthem™ digital controls and valves provide complete command over water temperature and volume. With independent access to every spray and up to two temperature zones, it’s easy to change settings with precision and choose individual levels of warmth.


Moxie® showerhead and wireless speaker with voice assistant lets you enjoy crisp music quality, even in the shower. Water by KOHLER. Sound by Harman Kardon.


Measuring changes in your water pressure 240 times a second, the KOHLER H2Wise™+ water-monitoring system powered by Phyn is designed to notify you the moment a leak is detected and turn your water off automatically.


The Amazon Alexa-enabled Verdera® Voice mirror brings optimally bright, shadowless light, and full stereo sound to your bathroom with convenient voice command. All you have to do is ask Alexa, and your Verdera® Voice mirror allows you a hands-free bathroom routine.

Home Automation - Kohler - showering
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