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Big Data and AI

The Journey to Create a Data and AI Education Portal

Data shaped like a brain
Data shaped like a brain
Ronald Van Loon Headshot

Ronald Van Loon

CEO & Principal Analyst, Intelligent World

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are significant contributors to organization-wide success and innovation. Businesses across industries are using data and AI as strategic drivers for digital transformation and competitive differentiation.

Ronald van Loon is regularly immersed in the latest developments, strategies, and conversations of some of the most prominent global organizations and is well-positioned to discuss what businesses are experiencing when adopting data and AI-related technology.

In conversation with Mediaplanet, he shares his views and experiences with organizations and business leaders, and why he launched his new company, the Intelligent World.

Data and AI misconceptions

Organizations are often under the impression that they can apply AI to either solve more minor problems, or overhaul and reinvent their entire business using AI.

But these two approaches don’t help organizations achieve digital transformation success. If they try to use data and AI across smaller, more disconnected use cases, it’s difficult to scale AI across the organization. On the other hand, it’s too big an undertaking to apply AI initiatives for a vast array of purposes and functions.

It’s better if organizations use data and AI in different areas that can work well together, and for data and technology to be reused across various functions and purposes. This type of approach helps companies build on their AI and technology capabilities to better expand their AI agenda and digital transformation initiatives.

Why organizations are behind the AI curve

Businesses are behind the curve in their AI adoption because they aren’t establishing the right leadership and management teams that will help them embrace technological change and drive AI success across the organization. Also, they aren’t adopting technologies that enhance AI deployment, like cloud data platforms, for example.

Businesses have to create a roadmap that details how AI will help them achieve organizational goals and assign leaders to prepare the workforce to understand how to embrace data-driven decision-making and enact an agile mindset for change.

The Intelligent World

After regularly talking to and coaching executives, directors, managers, and practitioners, Ronald decided to create the Intelligent World.

He realized that executives needed a place to go to discover updates on the latest technological developments applicable to their unique sector, all from the views and opinions of the brightest and most respected minds in technology and business.

Executives today don’t have much time or the capacity to visit physical events to discuss issues and experiences with their peers. Social media, like Twitter and LinkedIn, and video content sites, like YouTube, are great for updates but are not delving deep enough into specific subjects and industry functions that are truly educational.

Lastly, there are just too many online events for executives to visit and get the content they need in a condensed and accessible way.

Ronald discovered that he could use his network as a globally recognized AI and data analytics thought leader to help educate and connect domain experts at scale, focusing on ease of use and personalization.

So the Intelligent World was born:

  • Brings practitioners, executives, and directors together on one platform that’s easily accessible.
  • Offers personalized content that’s tailored to an individual’s unique requirements and goals.
  • A user can build their own curriculum, customize their learning journey, and learn at their own pace.
  • Offers opportunities to discuss topics with peers live and uncover answers to questions answered by top domain experts.
  • A completely modern, on-demand video-driven content experience that is consistently updated.

Connecting business leaders with technology education

Business leaders can navigate the complexities of data and AI technology implementation and make faster, accurate, and better business decisions with unlimited learning and network support.

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