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Adrian Scutti, Streamline IT

Adrian Scutti

Founder, Streamline IT

Streamline IT is the ideal technology partner that Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses want and need.

In an increasingly tech-driven world, IT is one of the greatest challenges that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face. Of course, there are many IT essentials for companies to consider, and even the savviest business owner is looking for a peace of mind when it comes to their IT setup.

Business owners need to feel confident in this setup. Factors like understanding the intricacies of server management and cloud computing, network design and management, cabling installation, onboarding and offboarding employees, and disaster planning are important to consider. Business owners invested in these components need to take advantage of their full potential while also knowing that there’s a reliable support person if things go wrong, and that security is being maintained.

That’s where Streamline IT comes in. The Toronto-based company provides streamlined IT services to SMB owners that are tailored to their unique needs, all while building a personal and partnership-based connection.

Groupshot of Employees
Streamline IT’s team

Replacing the need for in-house IT

“Many SMBs are at a stage where they realize they need a professional to manage their IT,” says Adrian Scutti, Founder of Streamline IT. “Their first thought may be to hire an IT professional into a full-time position. However, hiring and managing that IT person isn’t a solution that can easily scale with the needs of the business.” Full-time staff bring additional liabilities. They need to be managed, replaced when they’re on vacation, and provided with equipment, office space, and software tools.

Scaling up just got more streamlined

Streamline IT’s customers consist of GTA-based SMBs, and the team also provides fast and effective on-site and off-site support for offices Canada-wide. The company aims to deliver an ideal technology partnership experience by providing personalized service and streamlining complex technology into smart, simple, secure solutions — allowing its partners the freedom to focus on their business.

Because Streamline IT’s fees are on a cost-per-user basis, its services are affordable and highly scalable — a selling point for both startups and larger SMBs.

“We’re a perfect fit because our cost grows as their company grows,” says Scutti. It’s also easier to scale down, as many of Streamline IT’s clients did during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost-per-user pricing takes the worry and guesswork out of IT management as it includes all the subscriptions that employees need — from Microsoft Office to virus scanners, firewall subscriptions, and more — as well as unlimited support.

Your partners in IT

Scutti understands SMBs’ needs because he’s been on the other side of the table. Working at a small company early in his career, he inadvertently became the go-to IT guy. “Streamline IT was born out of a real need,” he says.

This foundation also informs the company’s approach. “It’s not technology first, it’s people first,” says Scutti. “For us to be effective in our role, it’s essential we earn the trust of our customers — that they truly view us as a partner in their success, not just a vendor.” To further this goal, Streamline IT prides itself on building a team that’s not only competent, but also friendly and approachable.

From its early days in 2009, customers chose to hire Streamline IT because of its personal approach. With Scutti himself answering the phone, companies knew they would be looked after personally.

Now the company has a small team and has taken on larger clients, but the personal touch is the same. “Our customers see us as partners,” says Scutti.

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