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What’s Inside Counts

recycle my electronics
recycle my electronics

Why recycle electronics with Recycle My Electronics programs? Amy Victoria, the Director of Marketing and Communications of Recycle My Electronics believes What’s Inside Counts.

Many of the resources inside our electronics, including plastic, glass, gold, silver, and copper, can be recycled continuously without losing their properties. By recycling electronics, resources are recovered, and repurposed— reducing our overall carbon footprint and lessening our dependence on mining for new resources. Recycling with the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA)/Recycle My Electronics programs also diverts e-waste from illegal export and Canadian landfills.

Safety and security count

Responsible recycling ensures the safe and secure destruction of personal data stored on hardware. We all have important information stored on our devices, and the security of our personal data is a valid concern. When you drop off electronics to an EPRA/Recycle My Electronics drop-off location, devices are quickly processed, shredded and their components are put back into the manufacturing supply chain.

The importance of accessibility

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics programs have a vast network of over 2,500 collection locations across Canada consisting of return-to-retail locations and authorized drop-off locations committed to recycling end-of-life electronics in a responsible manner. In fact, there’s a drop-off location within 30 minutes of most Canadians.

Electronic devices are filled with reusable resources – everything from glass and plastic to gold, silver and copper. Proper recycling allows these resources to be recovered responsibly and put back into the manufacturing supply chain.

Recycle My Electronics offers safe and secure recycling for your personal data protection, your business, and the environment.

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