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Agricultural Innovation

Lightbulb made of leaves
Lightbulb made of leaves

Agricultural Innovation sheds light on Canada’s agriculture sector by celebrating achievements in sustainability, advancements in technology, and promoting opportunities for further partnership and economic growth.

Women in Farming with the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau

The Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, on what it means to be a woman in agriculture and what’s next for the industry.

You Can Make a Difference in the Agri-Food Industry

While you may expect farms to look for candidates with a farming background, all skills and educational backgrounds can contribute to the agri-food sector.

Growing Food in the Face of Challenge

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers’ commitment to sustainable food production is unwavering, even in the face of unprecedented challenges like COVID-19.

Sharing the Exciting World of Agriculture and Food

Ontario charity AgScape ignites student interest in careers in the agriculture and food industries, and helps companies hire from outside the industry.

Farmland Can Be an Investible Asset with Bonnefield Financial

While investing in farmland may not seem a typical way to diversify an investment portfolio, Bonnefield Financial shows how farms can be an investable asset.

What Is Gene-Edited Food and Why Should Canadians Care?

As Canadian agriculture looks to innovation to drive sustainable growth, CropLife Canada is sowing the seeds for plant-breeding innovation.

Do You Trust Where Your Food Comes From?

John Jamieson, President and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity, discusses Canada’s food system and how public trust has reached an all-time high.

New Venture Will Focus on Strengthening Agriculture in Canada

Discovery Farm Woodstock, a new initiative from Glacier FarmMedia, is designed to strengthen Ontario’s agriculture sector.

Digital Transformation Drives Growth in Alberta’s Agribusiness

Technology and innovation like artificial intelligence and machine learning will help Alberta provide a hungry world with safe, secure, and nutritious food.

Greenbelt Farmers Are Helping Address Climate Change

Climate change is affecting Ontario’s food systems. By improving soil health, Ontario Greenbelt farmers are helping to reduce climate change impact.

Cultivating a World with Climate-Smart Agriculture

The efficient management of plant nutrients provides not only economic but social and environmental benefits for farmers and all Canadians.

Hi There. We Fund Canadian Ag-Tech Innovators. Are You In?

The Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) facilitates and funds the kind of collaboration that drives real results in agriculture.

Cleanfarms Is Leading the Way in Sustainable Agriculture

Cleanfarms and its members are helping Canadian farmers produce more product while still achieving sustainability goals by offering stewardship programs.

Growing Opportunities with Natural Products Canada

Technological advancements and the demand for sustainable and healthy options have converged to create unprecedented opportunities for Canadian agriculture.

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