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Taylor Selig, AgScape

Taylor Selig

Executive Director, AgScape

Ontario charity AgScape is on a mission to educate Ontario students and businesses about agriculture and food.

When it comes to exciting and innovative industries, many are surprised to find agriculture topping the list. Leading agriculture and food education in Ontario, AgScape is a registered charity that increases awareness and ignites student interest in careers in the agriculture and food industries. It also helps companies train new hires from outside the industry through its Business of Food program, allowing businesses to bring on talented individuals lacking agriculture experience.

From the classroom to the corporation

AgScape’s Business of Food is a comprehensive online platform that allows educators, post-secondary students, and agri-food businesses to enhance their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and food at their own pace, from anywhere. It’s an ideal professional development tool for people looking to enter the industry or for companies looking to widen their talent pool when hiring.

Adapting to the times, this year AgScape has taken its flagship resource, the Teacher Ambassador Program, from an in-classroom experience to a virtual offering. Through the program, Ontario-certified teachers educate students in grades 7 through 12 about food and agriculture in an interactive, engaging way. Using curriculum-linked activities, this encourages students to think critically about agri-food-related issues and exposes them to the sector’s many career opportunities. Through AgScape’s supporters, these lessons are available free for Ontario teachers.

Now more than ever, AgScape is looking for support from within the industry. People are becoming increasingly disconnected from the realities of where their food comes from, and educating Ontario’s two million students about the exciting innovations and opportunities in agri-food is critical.

“We have an incredible team who have been able to pivot quickly during this interesting year,” says Taylor Selig, AgScape’s newly-appointed Executive Director. “As a team, we look forward to sharing successes and innovations with our supporters and the next generation.”

Want to help bring in new talent and breathe new life and ideas into your organization? Visit Business of Food for more information.

Inspired by AgScape’s work? Visit Help Cultivate Tomorrow to donate and help bring agriculture and food education to more students.

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