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Big Data, AI & Tech for Good

big data ai
big data ai

We’re uniting leaders to educate business and government decision-makers on the leading innovations, research and developments in the field, as well as policy measures to ensure we can harness these opportunities. By empowering our businesses and workforce to leverage these technologies to facilitate continued digital transformation, we have a unique opportunity to help drive this industrial revolution and improve outcomes.

Using AI and Big Data to Bring Retailers Into the Digital Age

Danavation’s Digital Smart Label™ technology incorporates artificial intelligence and big data to help retailers optimize and automate their operations.

The Many Faces of Artificial Intelligence

AI is changing the world for good, but it also comes with considerable concerns and controversies that must be addressed.

Harnessing the Power of AI to Craft Customized Customer Experiences

People want a personal experience that’s fitted exactly to them, and AI is making that human connection possible for businesses at scale.

Developers: What’s Next in Image Processing at the Edge with NexOptic

NexOptic’s Aliis dramatically transforms video for unprecedented reduction to storage & streaming costs.

Charting Big Data Possibility with Massive Insights

The field of big data has exploded over the last ten years and, as new maps continue to be drawn, Canadian firm Massive Insights is continually expanding the realm of the possible.

The World Is Being Transformed by AI: We Get to Decide into What

AI is already changing the world dramatically. It’s up to us to ensure that those changes benefit everyone on the planet — and that they benefit the planet itself.

The Journey to Create a Data and AI Education Portal

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are significant contributors to organization-wide success and innovation.

Artificial Intelligence in Canadian Industry

The advances made in Artificial Intelligence over the past decade have transformed the world of business and the adoption of AI is a necessity for growth.

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