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Big Data and AI

The Honourable Joyce Murray
The Honourable Joyce Murray
Photo courtesy of Maryam Marissen / Marmar Marketing

Canada’s economy and society are becoming increasingly data-driven. From the latest tech to cybersecurity advice and educational opportunities to good deeds, read the latest on big data and AI in Canada.

How to Make the Switch to a Career in Data Science

Data science is one of the most lucrative careers in the world, and WeCloudData equips students with the experience and expertise they need to succeed.

The Canadian Government Is Putting Humans First

The Honourable Joyce Murray, Canada’s Minister of Digital Government, discusses how the federal government is ethically leveraging big data and AI.

Changing the World with Good Tech

Tech leaders like IBM are ensuring that technologies new and old are improving the health of people and the planet. They call it Good Tech.

Meet ALIIS: The Imaging Technology Disruptor

The award-winning Canadian AI innovator NexOptic Technology Corp. has secured esteemed partnerships with of Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Arm.

Intelligent Forestry: Bringing AI Analytics to Forest and Mill

The complexities of the forestry industry are an untapped opportunity for transformative AI analytics. One Canadian company, Remsoft, is seizing the moment.

Save the World — One Data Insight at a Time

What if our phones collectively could improve health care, make our cities more efficient, and help manage pandemics? They can, thanks to TELUS Insights.

Transform The Value Of Your Company’s Data With Day5 Analytics

Day5 Analytics helps organizations get the most value from their data by streamlining and deploying it with the help of machine learning and AI.

The Power of Community and AI Personalize Patient Experience

Those managing complex conditions experience isolation every day. To help combat this, patients are turning to digital social channels to make connections.

How Cybersecurity Is Keeping up with Big Data

Robert Herjavec, Herjavec Group CEO and TV personality, on the big data evolution and its implications on cybersecurity for Canadian businesses and consumers.

Canada’s Entrepreneurial Landscape: Powered by Big Data and AI

Have you been to a hospital recently? Checked LinkedIn? Used your banking app? If so, you’ve experienced the power of big data and AI at work.

AI and Manufacturing 4.0 — The Light Blue Revolution

Mehdi Merai, Dataperformers CEO, explains what AI contributes to manufacturing, what some of these opportunities might be, and how the future could look.

How to Protect Your Organization’s Data

Looking to 2021 and beyond, cloud security will be a top-of-mind issue for CIOs and data-driven enterprises, which in today’s economy means all enterprises.

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