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Building the Bioeconomy

Female scientist in lab
Female scientist in lab
Photo courtesy of PEI BioAlliance.

Building the Bioeconomy educates Canadians on our country’s growing bioeconomy sector and introduces them to new ways that our economy can find more sustainable solutions to the world’s problems.

Sustainable Business and Bio-Based Solutions with Nikki Reed

There’s a lot to consider when working toward a bio-based and sustainable lifestyle, but some activists — like actress Nikki Reed — are here to help.

Compostable Coffee Pods: Sustainability in Every Cup

Canadians have enjoyed more than a billion cups of delicious coffee from PurPod100™ compostable pods, while reducing their environmental footprint.

Towards a Greener, Waste-Free Economy with the University of Guelph

A typical product is made, used, and discarded, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Researchers at the University of Guelph are developing greener products from renewable materials to help shift the province towards a circular economy.

10 Bioeconomy Companies Putting Canada on the Global Stage

Natural Products Canada has the privilege of working with some of Canada’s best and brightest bioeconomy innovators — like these ten companies.

How to Live a Zero-Waste Lifestyle during a Pandemic

Tara McKenna, Founder of The Zero Waste Collective, on committing to a zero-waste and energy-efficiency lifestyle not only every day, but during a pandemic.

PEI BioAlliance Powers Bioscience Cluster with Innovative Programs

Bioscience innovation is rapidly growing in Prince Edward Island. PEI BioAlliance is launching two new programs to support the momentum.

How the Pandemic Supercharged Biodextris’ Business

The pandemic prompted an unprecedented influx of vaccine and therapeutic projects for Canadian biotech companies — and Biodextris is rising to the challenge.

How Biotech is Changing the Way We Make Stuff

An increase in federal funding for engineering biology could give Canada an edge on innovative manufacturing initiatives.

3 Ways Work-Integrated Learning Will Help Biotech Thrive

Work-integrated learning programs can help biotech companies attract and retain the talent they need to innovate. BioTalent Canada helps companies adapt.

The Company at the Forefront of the Genetic Medicine Revolution

Vancouver-based Precision NanoSystems Inc. is a leading supplier of genetic vaccine and therapeutic manufacturing technologies and services.

Canada Can Become Leader in Regenerative Medicine

Cell and gene therapies are the future of medicine, and Canada can become a leader with strategic public-private partnerships and continued investment.

Pandemic Proves That Bioscience Is Booming in Manitoba

Bioscience research, including crucial work on COVID-19 treatments, is thriving in the heart of Canada, and BAM has launched a newsletter to highlight it.

Lakehead University Using Biorefining to Transform Forestry

Whether you need the right wood supply or to develop novel biochemicals, the Lakehead’s Biorefining Research Institute can help you meet your needs.

Why Biogas Is the Natural Next Step for Canadians

Jennifer Green from the Canadian Biogas Association shares her expertise on the biogas industry’s role in Canada and a clean-energy future.

Keith Brooks: Renewable Energy Is the Key

We asked Keith Brooks, Programs Director at Environmental Defence Canada, for his expertise on renewable energy, climate change, and plastic pollution.

Amy Roesler on Why Energy Efficiency Is a No-Brainer

As Executive Director and Board Member of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance, Amy Roesler knows the importance of living an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Could Canada Be Losing Its Status as a Leader in New Medicine Launches?

Canada may be losing its status as a top global destination for new medicine launches. Why, and how can we keep up? Life Sciences Ontario explains.

Canada’s Bioeconomy Needs a Federal Bioplastics Strategy

The disputed value of bioplastics, in the form of bio-based or biodegradable plastics, is a war being waged across Canada and beyond.

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