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Building the Bioeconomy

bioeconomy lp city
bioeconomy lp city

Building the Bioeconomy campaign aims to educate Canadians on our country’s growing bioeconomy and introduce them to the new ways that our economy can sustainably function in a bio-based capacity.

Biomass Canada – Fueling the Canadian Bioeconomy

The Biomass Cluster (BMC) is Canada’s first research cluster focused on commoditizing biomass, including farm-to-market supply chains and enhancing sustainability.

Biogas is Heating Your Home and Charging Your Phone

Do you know that funky smell coming from your green bin? That’s the primary ingredient of biogas.

Fitec: A Leading Biogas Solutions Provider You Can Trust

Biogas industry leader Fitec is helping its clients to create renewable energy from organic waste.

Ramp Up Climate Action Quickly and Affordably with RNG

As decisions are weighed over longer-term climate plans, here’s why leaders are choosing renewable natural gas (RNG) as an immediate, cost-effective solution to reduce Ontario’s emissions

Prairie Hub to Power the Bioeconomy with Next-Generation Bio-inspired Technologies

RNA-based systems, molecular machines, and bio-inspired devices are the future of the bioeconomy. Advancing these technologies from discovery to market can be elusive.

Agri-food and Innovation: The Need for a National Strategy

Agri-food in Canada has strong innovative potential and is essential for solid economic recovery and growth.

A New Incubator Fills the Gap in Canada’s Bioscience Sector

GAAP combines the benefits of significant investment capital with long-term incubation in a world-class facility (with laboratories, greenhouses, and office space).

The Digital Brains Behind Biogas Project Feasibility and Profitability

Turning manure into green energy is better than lead into gold. And, with the right software platforms, it’s a lot easier too.

Forest Biomass: Market Opportunities and Government Initiatives in Ontario’s Forest Sector

Ontario’s 71 million hectares of rich forests cover an area larger than the size of forests in Belgium, France and Germany combined.

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