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Circular Economy

clean economy cover
clean economy cover

The Circular Economy campaign aims to educate Canadians on practices they can form, and businesses they can support to reduce waste, encourage sustainability, and do their part to help accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

New Recyclable Paper-Based Packaging Will Cut Plastic Waste

The latest innovation in coffee packaging from Club Coffee is set to roll out at grocers across Canada this fall.

Q&A with Tara McKenna

Do you feel overwhelmed by the zero-waste movement? These tips can help you improve your personal waste reduction habits.

The Canadian Paper Packaging Industry Focuses on Environmental Sustainability

The Paper Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC)’s members include more than 30 paper mills and converters operating across Canada.

Bioplastics Help Turn Food Waste Into Valuable Compost

Fully compostable produce and waste collection bags made with MATER-BI can be used to divert food waste. Read more about Novamont’s solution.

biodegradable compostible
A new Mater-Bi compostable coating to provide water and grease resistance to paper cups and packaging.

Innovation and Collaboration for a Circular Economy in Canada

The transition to a circular economy is an innovation and competitiveness agenda that requires collaboration from all stakeholders.

What’s Inside Counts

Recycling electronics reduces our overall carbon footprint and lessens our dependence on mining for new resources.

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